It is Not Simply About Finding Love; It is More About Keeping It

Is it just me or do people just seem to forget that after finding love, keeping it is a whole different ball game?

Most times the information that is readily available to you is all about how to find true love. What to do to attract love and how to know if it is love or just a buildup of imaginations leading nowhere. Everyone seems to know exactly how love looks and feels like and what love isn’t but no one actually tells you what to do after you must have found it.

So it is little wonder then how often people lose the love that took so long to find in a very short period of time.

We are going to try to prevent that henceforth with these simple steps.

Don’t panic

I know sometimes finding that one person can literally take your breath away. It can be so overwhelming that you begin to fathom all kinds of pleasant as well as unpleasant situations.

But that’s normal so don’t think you are being paranoid. Just focus on the entire positives okay and try to ignore the ugly sights.

It is really happening and you should enjoy it but do not scare it away.

Try not to compare

You may have had past relationships that didn’t turn out well even if you wish they did. But that’s okay since you now have something working out perfectly.

The least you can do to keep it from falling apart is to not ruin it with countless comparisons.

This will only show you what you think you are missing out on and since no relationship is perfect; you will soon begin to see what you have missed out on immediately you abandon this present one.

Be deliberate in building your relationship

It is pertinent that you take no chances in creating what you want out of your relationship because the truth is you are the only one with a clear picture of what you want.

If you want an honest committed and durable relationship then it is your job to instill these qualities. And while you are at it, be unapologetic about it.

Make a decision to stay

Now this may seem simple but believe me it is actually the hardest part of any relationship. I am not talking about staying during the honey moon stages when everything is all rosy and sweet.

I mean those times he or she cheats and is asking to be forgiven. When there are no romantic dinners at the beach, learn the hard decision to stay.

When it feels like he or she has lost the glow that first attracted you to them. It is your job to stay and remind them that they are still beautiful and they can count on you.

Give a second chance

Having established the fact that we are all prone to err, this love thing is never going to work without forgiveness.

It is all about believing the best out of a person even when they themselves don’t see it yet.

There is nothing more encouraging than embracing a person with his faults and still loving them regardless.

Just be yourself

We often put ourselves under the pressure to impress the people we love. Often that pressure makes us assume certain positions and become people we are not just to see that we live up to their standards. Now there is nothing wrong in trying to improve on yourself as long as your partner inspires you to do that but while you make those improvements make sure you are still you.

He or she fell in love with you and that’s what makes it true. Becoming someone else will not keep them.
I’m not a know it all but I hope this helps in keeping that special person.