8 Negligible Habits That Have Kept You Broke All Your Life

You may think they don’t matter but therein lays your problem.

It is very disheartening to watch how many people actually plot their route to poverty and all they keep thinking is ‘it’s fine, I am just relaxing a little’.

Granted not all achievers had to go through strenuous labor to become successful but they did have to put in some work; could be intellectual but it still required effort.

In today’s world very simple things make you a billionaire and at the same time very simple things could get you super broke.

Let’s not even get into arguments about being born rich or poor because none of it matters. We all have the ability to alter our background regardless.

I just want to draw your attention to those habits that have robbed you for so long and all the while you just thought it was just you being yourself.

You just love to lie down

Don’t get me wrong; it is essential that you relax and recuperate after working as this is important to keep you effective. But what if you didn’t even work at all?

All you are doing is making your body and mind lazier and that reduces your productivity over time. Your muscles will have a hard time to recover and a weaker body will result from it.

Apart from causing a serious damage to your health; staying in bed also shows signs of depression.

You love to make excuses

The more you keep running from the little challenges you are faced with daily, the more inexperienced and unenlightened you become. Being the first person who points out why something cannot be done doesn’t make you smart; it only keeps you ignorant and that gets you nowhere.

You are carefree

You don’t just care about anything and as such you don’t pay attention until you are forced and threatened to care.

The bad news is no one is going to keep forcing you; eventually you will have to start caring on your own. You may want to start early too.

You give up easily

Life screws with everyone, maybe at different levels but no one escapes a little difficulty here and there.
Giving up doesn’t make life any easier it actually makes it harder so you’ve got to get to that point where giving up is not an option ever.

You love the cheap and free

Being successful will cost you something; that’s for sure. It will cost time, resources, friends and certain pleasures you probably didn’t think you can do without.

You have to be willing to pay the price.

All you care about is the present

It’s good to live life in the moment but at the same time you need to have a constant reminder of the future and by future I mean tomorrow, the next year and even the next ten years.

The future will only take care of itself when you have planned it that way.

You are monotonous

Sticking with what you know is safe but also very limiting. Just because you are good at one thing doesn’t mean you can’t diversify and also do very well in other fields. You should venture out. Doing one thing repeatedly makes you an expert but also makes you retarded.

You spend to impress

There is nothing than runs you down as fast as spending money on what you don’t need. The moment your expenditure begins to compete with your income, it’s a sure sign you are heading for debts. Don’t spend to impress or please anyone because when you go broke; all you did becomes history and so do you.