How to Remain Calm in The Face of Rejections

It has been a tough year for me. It has been my worst and best year as I aim for my entrepreneurial goals. But it is an essential process. Some may find this amusing since it could seem a better option to return to that comfort zone.

According to former IBM chairman Thomas Watson, “to succeed you have to fail more.” There is nothing pleasant about rejections except that it offers you some hard lessons. And it could be a defining factor if you want to excel in career and life.

According to studies, the same part of the brain is affected when we face rejections as when we experience physical pain. However, I have come to find out it is better to remain calm in the face of rejections. It is better to retain your values and know that worrying wouldn’t solve a thing. But it is a hard one. How you do you really remain calm when the odds are against you? How can you be so positive when you have to deal with so much stress?

Believe in yourself

Rejections shouldn’t change your attitude or how much trust you have in yourself. Know that you will be alright regardless of the outcomes. I have learned that there is always a reason to have a decent sleep and look forward to what I can offer tomorrow. A rejection doesn’t mean the end, it simply means you have got to put in more effort and do better.


Multitasking could dull your senses and make you lose your self-worth. It is better to prioritize and focus on one thing at a time. Ask yourself those hard questions and head on to those activities that needs to be done.

Be self-aware

We all have different ways to respond to stress. Ultimately, you have to understand what hot buttons pushes you to lose your patience and composure. Research has shown that successful people are great at managing their emotions. Why? Because they are self-aware. Perhaps you need to control your breath or silently count one to ten to retain your cool. If you can know what ticks you off, you would know how to stay calm when you face rejections.

Look for channels to pour out your frustrations

Find an outlet for your frustrations. Of course, we all have several ways of doing this. It could be by exercising, swimming or traveling. However it is up to you to find an outlet that works for you.

Find the support you need

Yes you have great friends and family. There is always that point you get to where you can come back to those persons who really care about your success and well-being. Yes they want you to win. And you can be thankful for having them. If you need to delegate and seek help, please do. Never hesitate to share your burden. This way, a rejection is not much of a big deal.

Be willing to adapt

You wouldn’t have a fuss when you know you can change or adapt to win. I have had to change my strategy a couple of times because I knew it would give me the result I deserve. One way to remain calm is to understand your strengths and know you can be flexible enough to attain results. There is nothing to fear after all.