8 Reasons Why Love is Not So Complicated After All

We all have our perceptions about love at first but over time it changes. Maybe because we often listen to so many opinions about what love is and what it is not rather than figure it out ourselves.
The truth is we all have our unique love stories and it is always better to experience it before you can tell yours.

Some may tell you love is pain while others just define it as pure bliss. All I am saying is no matter the definition you have heard; all you need to know is love is quite simple.

Love could just be about laughter

Love doesn’t always have to be about the best cuisines in the most expensive restaurants; it could just be about finding that one person who makes you laugh so hard that you forget all your worries.

Love could just be about communication

In the world today more and more people die in silence because when they really needed to talk to someone, nobody was there to really listen.

Finding love for you could just be about that person who is always available to listen. Someone who will always make time to pay attention to what you have to say and never get bored or tired of listening.

Love could just be about sharing ideas

Are you full of new ideas that most people dismiss as stupid or irrelevant? Maybe all you need from your soulmate is less criticism and dismissal of those ideas which are very important to you.

It may just be that he or she gives positive input and has interest in those ideas. You are always comfortable when talking with him or her. Go for it; it is all about making you feel better.

Love could just be about success

You can’t really say if you really like this person or not but one thing is for sure. You love the way he or she pushes you to face your challenges and leave your comfort zone until you have achieved a certain goal. That too can be love you know!

Love could just be about comfort

Have you found someone who you feel safe with and when you are together nothing else matters?
Maybe all you need is someone who cools your nerves and makes you relax. That person may just be the one for you.

Love could just be about adventure

Not everyone loves to explore and live on the edge but you are sure that’s all you want to do.
So you must not wait until you are taken to swim with the dolphins or wait till you have an all expensive luxury trip to the safari in South Africa before you can feel loved

Create your own adventure; all that matters is you are with someone special doing what you love.

Love could just be about food

It may sound crazy but food is actually where couples find their connection. It is all about being honest about what your priority truly is. There is nothing to be shy of; all that matters is you are with that person who knows how to satisfy you.

Love could just be about the physical appearance

If all that matters to you in a relationship is the hot physique of your partner and how well he or she dresses, then by all miss go for the best available.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are being shallow or blinded by lust. It is what you want so you should go for it.

Oftentimes we let other people make decisions for us about who to love and how to love based on what they prefer and that is just wrong!

Love shouldn’t be so complicated at all.