7 Ways Your Insecurities Stop You From Being Happy (Even When You Don’t Know It)

Let’s talk about those tiny secrets you can’t stand anyone finding out about. Some of those parts of you that make you feel worthless and alone even when nobody else is noticing them but you.
Those nagging feelings that come to your mind first every morning and for the better part of your life all you remember doing is struggling to get loose from their strong grip.

Every day you hope and pray your insecurities don’t come screaming out and so rather than letting them go, you keep them bottled up on the inside. What you don’t know is that they are already stopping you.

They are stopping you from living your life because you have given the power to control and limit you.

Your insecurities stop you from falling in love

I know relationships now seem to put so much emphasis on the outward appearances of a person. Sometimes you wonder if only the beautiful can fall in love and be loved back. But that is not true at all. All you need to do is find your own beauty and let it outweigh those parts of you that you are not so confident about.

You should know that the person who truly loves you will love you with your imperfections regardless. So go on! Fall deeply in love.

Your insecurities stop you from having fun

We all have insecurities of course, but the best you can do is to stop hanging out with anyone who points them out to you. Anytime you have an opportunity to have fun, go all out and forget about how you look or who is watching you. Just have a fabulous time.

Your insecurities stop you from making wonderful friends

Your insecurities become crippling most times because you have the ability to blow them up into such huge issues in your mind; it feels like a facial deformity. It keeps you from really going out there and living your live, meeting incredible people and making friends. You need to forget about hating yourself and just experience the world around you and the beautiful people in it.

Your insecurities stop you from being successful

We all have anxiety and insecurities about certain things; that’s normal but eventually you have to face your fears if you want to be successful else it will cost you a lot more than you think.
Most of the successful people you see had some fear of failure at some point but they had to rise above it and you can too.

Only then will you discover that your insecurities and flaws are things that you can turn to superpowers if you accept them.

Your insecurities stop you from being a better person

When you constantly focus on all the things you are not it takes away your ability to improve. All you see is how vulnerable you are to comparisons. Being too self-conscious never helps anyone become better.

Your insecurities stop you from being attractive

Being insecure is unattractive to even another person who is insecure. Looking in the mirror at someone who lacks confidence can make you see yourself in a very ugly and negative light.
You don’t need all the makeup, all you need is a big confident smile that says I am who I am and I love me. Now that’s hell ‘a attractive!

Your insecurities stop you from achieving your dreams

You need to get rid of old feelings that suggest you are incompetent or that you will never be acknowledged or appreciated because these feelings can send your insecurities through the roof.
Anytime you feel like you need to quit before you fail; that’s when you need to push harder. Stop running away already.

You can’t keep listening to that inner voice that says everything is wrong. It has robbed you of so much already. Make a conscious effort to shut it up. Imagine how your life will be if you didn’t prescribe to your fears and flows.

It is possible you know!