5 Things Your Husband Truly Needs (Even if He Doesn’t Say So)

Every man desires a happy home.

A place where he feels secured and accepted no matter who he is and what level of qualification he has. He wants a palace where he is king; where he is respected and honored. He wants a place of peace and comfort where he can shut out this hard and mean world every night, reinforce and re-strategize before going to face it again in the morning.

It is a hard job being a man, though not every man will say it. To some men it is simply because they are too egotistic to admit it and to others they just feel no one cares enough to know so they get buried alone inside their thoughts.

As a wife you have to be sensitive to the needs of your husband and be determined to meet every single one of them if you truly want to build that safe haven for every member of your family. Needless to say, his happiness determines yours and in effect that of the entire family.
Let’s get down to those needs shall we;

Your husband really wants you to listen to him

I know you have heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but it is also through his ears. Men have very few people that really listen to what they have to say.

I don’t mean just waiting for him to finish so that you can defend yourself or just sitting down there pretending to listen when your heart is miles away.

To effectively listen you need to employ your whole body. Push away the chores and paper work and sit next to him. Give him your every attention and let him know that you understand what he feels and he can count on you.

Your husband wants you to encourage him always

If there is anything that makes your husband feels like the worst failure on earth, it is your criticism and continuous disapproval. You need to recognize the pressure on him to provide not just financial needs but also spiritually, emotionally and mentally among others.

Your husband needs you to be a willing cheerleader; always there telling him to focus on the best because he has all it takes to achieve it.

Most times men have pockets of raw and underdeveloped talents and abilities which they don’t get to exploit because no one ever believed in them.

When he knows he has the support and love of the very person he wants to impress, it boosts his efforts to do more even when he fails.

Your husband needs you to desire him

Contrary to popular belief, men are not unfaithful in nature. They just want to be really loved and desired by their wives. There is a strong connection between a man’s sex drive and his ego.
To some men it might not necessarily be sex; it may be a gentle touch, a kiss on the forehead, a soothing massage or just a really long warm hug.
It is this continuous affirmation that he is loved, desired and admired by you that will keep him coming back to you.

Your husband needs you to speak well of him

As much as your husband needs you to tell him how lucky you are to be married to him, he also wants to be given kudos in public. Don’t correct him openly instead show him that his efforts are appreciated.

Most importantly, your husband doesn’t want to be compared with other husbands or fathers. Let him know he is doing a good job already; that will encourage him to improve.

You husband needs you to be creative and spontaneous

You know that feeling when you come back home from a busy day at work and you open the door to find rose petals giving you directions to a hot bath and after that you are led to a romantic candle light dinner of your favorite food and wine?

You would love that wouldn’t you? Your husband would also love a threat like that too. Take out the time to know what he really loves and plan a surprise for him too. The results afterwards will amaze you.