Never Drop Your Standards Until You Meet Someone Like This

Someone was telling me you can fare well with any partner. Yes there is this idea that because of our emotional needs it is always right to have someone around you. So yes it means that sometimes you need to settle. But settling can mean you compromise and lose that person who should have been a fit for you. We always underestimate the negative vibes someone we can’t tolerate bring into our lives. Settling and dropping your standards may not really give you what you desire from a relationship and could distort your expectations. You have to know what you want and know why it is important to your personal growth and happiness. Never drop your standards,

Until you meet someone who respects you

This is a simple and straightforward point. If they don’t respect you, it will be so hard to have your self-esteem when you are with them. If they don’t respect you how will you know if they will ever take you seriously or not?

Until you meet someone who believes in you

For Godssake they have to know what you can do and cannot do. Certainly they should know your strengths and flaws yet still want to be with you. They should have values that you adore and would inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

Until you meet someone who find you interesting

Now you could be a solemn person or you could be humorous and young at heart, they should love you regardless and find you interesting. They should be able to laugh at your character and see your colorful side.

Until you meet someone who counts

They should count and want to be relevant in your world. They are not there for you only for the sweet times, they are there for you in difficult times. They should show support for your dreams and ambitions. Yes they should come to your world to add value to it.

Until you meet someone who is willing to let go

Actually I always believe in loving someone who is willing to love you. There is no point loving someone who doesn’t want to compromise anything. Someone who stares at you and sees a future with you.

Until you meet someone who offers you safety and security

Yes you need someone who is at your side who reminds you that everything is okay. Rather than have fears, with them you are assured that things will be right. Be with someone who makes you feel safe and secure emotionally and physically.

Until you meet someone who can tell you the way it is

We all love some flatter and sweet words. But that doesn’t count since it hides the truth and reality. Knowing and accepting realities helps you discover yourself and know what is. Be with someone who can tell you the way it is and never sh*t you.

Until you meet someone who understands

Yes they should understand. They should be willing to tolerate and be flexible. Of course you are not perfect. But they should see through your mistakes and focus on what good intentions you have.

Until you meet someone who is honest with you and themselves

Honesty is pivotal to keeping you safe in a relationship. You deserve someone who can take the truth, admit their errors and deal with a situation accordingly.

Until you meet someone who can communicate passionately with you

Perhaps it means some sex, or some cuddling or some kisses. But you need someone who can communicate with you in a romantic way and you feel just fine about it.