Read This If You Don’t Feel Appreciated For Your Hard-Work

Every human being loves to be praised and appreciated for a job well done.

Apart from the feeling of pleasure that comes with the fact that you are valuable and productive, being appreciated serves as a boost to tap into certain potentials we didn’t even know we had.

When appreciated, you are encouraged to go the extra mile to make sure certain goals are achieved.
So what happens when that appreciation doesn’t seem to come even when you work your butt off on a project? What do you do when everyone else seems to be given a little credit except you?

Do you just quit or give up on your dreams or do you still hold on till you prove just how praise-worthy you are?

It gets really hard to remain effective if all you get is criticism and blames. But just before you call it quit; this is what you ought to know.

No one knows your goals like you

No one knows your dreams and aspiration like you do so don’t expect anyone to possess the zeal you have. The person mentoring you has his or her own goals which may be completely different so don’t always expect a tap on the shoulder or a handshake always for doing well.

If you are not appreciated often, it doesn’t mean that you are not doing a good job and that doesn’t mean you are not improving. Just keep doing what is expected of you and what is required to guarantee your success.

In no time your accomplishments will reward you; they always do!

You can always appreciate yourself

Nothing stops you from singing your praises when you know that you really did a good job. I always encourage that your success should be celebrated no matter how little the celebration may be.
Do not have the habit of always waiting for others to compliment you or give you credit before you feel good about yourself.

Self-encouragement is a habit that should be cultivated by everyone who wants to remain successful.
So go ahead; give yourself a treat, yell from the roof tops; let it go down in record that all your efforts paid off.

No one can achieve your goals for you

The need to be resilient in life cannot be over-emphasized. You need to get to that point where you perceive things differently. As you know 85% of our lives is made up of our reactions to the challenges that we face.

You ought to start reacting differently, how? By seeing every negative comment as a building block towards reaching your goals. Whether you are appreciated or not, it still doesn’t change the fact that you need to work hard to be a success.

So just work hard regardless.

Your consistency always leads to your recognition

Just before you explode like an atomic bomb on the people who fail to give you credit for a good job, be reminded that it might be a test just to see if you are an attention seeker or someone who is competent even when no one is watching.

If you really love what you do, you will not care if you are being appreciated or not and that is the kind of efficiency that is sought after.

You don’t know who you might be inspiring

It is a hard world out there and most people are not used to being lenient and gentle especially in a working environment. Others see it as a weakness which should not be encouraged.

Whatever the case maybe, it is important that you do not relent in discharging your duties diligently. There are others watching you and you may just be the only source of encouragement they have.