Perhaps Success is Not About Money

The conventional thought about success is that it means wealth. I have written a lot of articles about success. And yes it doesn’t mean how much you have in the bank. Because there could still be that emptiness swelling inside you when you think you have reached the pinnacle of your career. Suddenly it could mean that you deserve more in life than just material things. It could mean that what seemed of value to the world around you, doesn’t mean a lot of things to you.

Don’t get thrilled though, there is a cliché that states money doesn’t buy you happiness.  I think a lack of it could make you think otherwise. But truth is that for many different persons, success could mean different things. Ultimately it could mean having a legacy and leaving the world a better place, it could mean amassing a lot of money too, and it could mean following your passion. Whatever definition you attach to success, here is why it is not always about money.

We are all different

What applies to one person would not necessarily be what applies to another. Our goals and aspirations differ. Sometimes you just have to know what works for you. It may mean making some mistakes along the line. But at the long run you would eventually makes you feel accomplished.

It is a process after all

People may not essentially see it as process or a journey. But that is what it is. If you see it as a destination, you lose the excitement and the thrill of the hunt. Every day should mean working hard to reach your ultimate potential as an individual. So there is no reason to stop. There is no reason to get stuck in that bubble. You just simply have to continue setting goals and aiming higher.

When the money doesn’t matter

There are a lot of cases where people pursue their goals and their personal health and relationship with loved ones suffer. Sometimes the money wouldn’t revive what is lost or damaged. Even when money is present sometimes, it can be ineffective. So you have to look at those things money cannot fix and see how you are available to handle them.

It should be about learning and growth anyways

Success should afford you the opportunity to grow and be better. Opportunities are not only afforded to the rich. It could mean having perceptive power to know when to take a shot and try something new. Opportunity arrives and could be based on your qualifications and skills rather than your financial status.

It comes down to time

The true worth of money is in your time. Sometimes how you spend your time and who you spend it with could be a true evaluation of your wealth.

Having the right mindset

Your mindset could be what determines how you view success anyways. Even when you do have money, if you do not have the right attitude it would still add up to nothing.