What If The Right Person Doesn’t Come

Just so you know the right person isn’t just sitting down somewhere waiting to be gotten. Sorry to burst your bubbles but there is no prince charming in shining armor coming to sweep you off your feet.

Of cause this doesn’t mean that true love doesn’t exist or that you will have to settle for whatever comes your way, it simply means that to get that perfect person, you have to be willing to put in some extra work on him or her.

You have to communicate more

We all have that particular way we want to be loved and cared for. Some people even have details of how they wish to be spoken to and how much time is ideal to spend with them if you really want to show that you care.

I am not saying having those preferences and wishing you could be loved in a particular style is wrong, what is wrong though is the fact that very few people take time to communicate such details to the people they are interested in.

Most times your ideal partner is just clueless on what to do and unfortunately most times you let them go because you just believe no one is trust worthy and so they can hurt you on purpose. Instead of reaching out and showing them how to love you best, you are often too disappointed and that causes you a lot of pain.

It is time to stop assuming that they know what to do and start showing them what they should do. He or she might just turn out to be the right person.

You have to forgive more

Believe me there is a lightness that comes out of forgiveness. A weight is always lifted off your shoulders when you drop the grudge you have been bearing and give that person that hurt you a second chance.

Unfortunately most times we lose out on the best people simply because we chose to hold on to their wrongs.

Your refusal to let go of the hurt doesn’t make you strong or principled on the contrary, it takes out happiness and replaces it with loneliness.

We all make mistakes. Ever wonder what will happen if everyone chose to be unforgiving? The world will be the most miserable place.

You have to appreciate more

It takes nothing to say thank you. Just because love seems so effortless doesn’t mean some sacrifices others make for you cost nothing.

You may have the right person in your life but lose such a person because you think everything he or she has ever done for you was your right and you deserved it.

But the truth is love isn’t earned or deserved so when you find love, appreciate it; that is one way to guarantee it stays.

You have to be willing to try

You will be surprised at the increasing number of people after two or three failed relationships. In such situations, the ideal person might be right there standing before you but it will be hard to notice it.

So what if your friends tried once and got it right the first time and you seem to be the only one who keeps trying but all you have made so far are some wrong decisions? Who cares?!

All that matters is you shouldn’t give up just yet. Giving up on love doesn’t make the search easier on the contrary it makes it harder. To find love, you have to keep believing it exists and that it was made for you too.

Your friends have found theirs and you can also find love too.