6 Break Up Advice You Should Not Pay Attention To

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Every break up is hard. No one likes to lose that person they have always cared about. But sometimes what causes a break up or makes us stay away from that special person is because we are listening to the wrong persons. We need solid relationship advice if we want to deal with a break up the right way. Here are 5 break up advice you should start ignoring now.

Eliminate them from your life

Yes everyone believes you should end communication with the one who hurt you. Eradicate them from your life, unfriend them on Facebook, unfollow them and delete their number. There should be no contact with them after a relationship is over. While it is ideal to avoid contact with an ex at the early stage of a break up, it is wrong to burn bridges. If they are not showing toxic behaviors then there is always a possibility for future encounters that could be mutually beneficial.

You have to move on

Yes you have to move on. But it sucks when people push this in your face. Moving on is a process you have to deal with at your own pace. You don’t have to force moving on. Perhaps this leads people to jump into another relationship just as one ended or jumping into a car and relocating to a new city. People never really appreciate the process of a breakup and how emotionally you have to deal with healing. Moving on is essential, but you have to deal with it the right way.

Break up with them in person

There is this face to face principle that just doesn’t cut it for me. It is hard to break up and tell someone in their face that you don’t want to be with them no more. Sometimes if a relationship is not working, there is nothing wrong with ending it over the phone. It saves you the time and effort it takes to see them and let them know how you feel. It saves you from the lies. It saves you from any insecurity you may have to feel.

They never really loved you

People could tell you how your ex never really cared and how they did you wrong. When there is so much negative emotion it becomes easy to forget the special times you had with that one person. Of course they must have seen something special in you for them to hold on with you.  Yes love is complicated and some relationships or persons are complicated too, however it is wrong to listen to the assumption of friends and well-wishers that your ex never really loved you.

Don’t dwell on your ex

Of course you would have some hurt, anger and despair in you, and you would have to let these go. We all have different ways of processing our emotions. And most times the best way to deal with your emotions is to talk about your feelings rather than simply push your feelings aside. You may have to set a period or time to concentrate on what went wrong with your ex or the good times you had. Doing this helps you get through the hurt better and move on to the future you deserve.

You have to forgive

It can be tough forgiving someone who did you wrong or cheated on you. Forgiveness takes time and you don’t have to literally have it at the back of your mind that you would simply let go of the anger and resentment. Yes forgiveness will lead to happiness and embracing the peace you deserve, however this shouldn’t be an advice you should pay attention to if you want to heal since the anger and resentment will probably linger for a while.