Why You Shouldn’t Be Pressured to Be Married

Don’t worry you are not supposed to see it coming; It was made to take you by surprise. Your marriage is entirely your business, no one else.

It is true that your life has changed a lot from what it used to be when all you did was have flings and crushes.

Hell you didn’t care if the relationship lasted for a week or a month; you were on to the next guy or girl. Now you think you are ready for more commitment but nothing seems to be happening. The truth is you cannot not force yourself on someone except you want to have a failed relationship. Get all the advice you need but remember to make your choice straight from your heart.

It is never too late for true love

It wasn’t this way some years ago when you didn’t feel like you were running out of time, now it feels like the biological clock is not the only clock ticking. You should know for a fact that there has never been a right or wrong time to be in love as far as it is true. You need to forget all these talk about your skin getting wrinkled and adding more weight.

All you’ve got to do is exercise regularly, keep a healthy diet, always look good and never forget to finish your look with that amazing smile you’ve got.

I bet you there is no one on earth who wouldn’t fall in love with you!

Sometimes it is all in your head

The question “when will you get married?” seems to be thrown in your face with a stare by your relatives as if it is a sin to stay single.

Everybody appears to be wondering what the delay is all about. Some are bold enough to ask you while others just gossip behind you. It makes you sick in the stomach but you just cannot confront them.

Honey you need to chill! Let them talk, they will eventually get tired. You need to stop getting all worked up. Clear up your thoughts and stop listening to those voices. Start paying attention to things more benefiting to you.

What you don’t ponder on can’t hurt you.

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone

You may be at this point where you wish everyone knew that you want this as much as they do and with every passing day all you want to do is prove that you are not the problem.

Guess what?!

You really don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. It gets hard sometimes but you need to ask which is more important. If you know you are not the problem then that is enough.

But if you do have areas you need to improve on, you should definitely work on them.

Being desperate only makes it worst

There are days when you just shake it off while other days the pressure weighs so hard on you till you begin to feel desperate.

I can assure you, you do not want to get into an unhappy marriage! And most times that is what being desperate fetches you.

Desperation makes you lower your standards and then all of a sudden you are willing to settle for just about anyone. Not caring if such a person has a means of livelihood or not, not investigating if he or she has a mental problem or anger management issues. With such poor judgment, you obviously can’t get the best person for you.

You need to keep living your life and keeping you at your best. Use this free time to do all the things you wouldn’t have the time to do when you are married.

And when you least expect it, it will happen!