Sometimes it Rocks to Be Alone

We all get to this point in our lives where no one else gets us. That moment when you are all by yourself in that silence that just keeps getting deeper and deeper till everything else feels numb. Some people experience it for a long period of time while others don’t even know when it happens.

If you fall in that category of people that are often alone; there is no reason to be scared or feel abnormal. The truth is you are still a likable person with an awesome personality. There is nothing wrong with you, maybe you just want more and that’s fine.

Being alone is scary but that’s when you are really you

We don’t readily find people who can tolerate our flaws so most times we try our best to fit in and be on our best behaviors especially if we really like them.

Sometimes we even have to pretend just so that we don’t drive them away but that’s not how it should be. The people we spend time with should be able to see us, for who we are, not who they think we are.

Being alone might be scary but at least you are not wasting valuable time trying to be someone else.

Being alone means you are discovering what you want

Recently all I have done is lose friends. Initially I was very sad because these are people I grew up with and I thought we had a common goal. I thought we would always want the same things but recently it’s just clear that we don’t.

At a point in your life you are going to have to choose between what you really want and what the people around you want for you.

It may be confusing but you can choose rightly if you follow your heart. Don’t worry you will always find new friends; just don’t let the fear of being alone keep you from living your dreams.

Being alone challenges you

Being alone has a way of making you do those things you never thought you could do. When you are being pushed to the wall without an escape route, you will find out how much you can improvise and that just makes you more independent.

You got to get to that point in your life where you can stand alone; be strong for yourself and push yourself to achieve your goals.

Stop running from the reality of being alone, embrace it and see how awesome you can be all by yourself.

Being alone makes you more responsible

You will never know how much influence others have on you until it’s time to go down memory lane and see how much progress you have made as a person.

You might just find out that all the major decisions in your life were not taken by you but by the people you were with most of the time.

Funny thing is they aren’t always there to face the consequences of those decisions they took. I am not saying you shouldn’t seek counsel; gather as many opinions as you can but be sure to take those crucial decision on your own.

Being alone launches you into a world of possibilities

There is actually so much out there that you are ignorant off and that’s because you are busying trying to keep everybody company. Try spending your free time alone for once; instead of catching up with every scheduled meeting on your friend’s calendar, pick up a new skill of interest or read a book.

Don’t always wait till everyone agrees with you because sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

Live wild and free! Be better even when you are alone.