9 Signs They Would Never Get Serious With You

There is a point in every relationship you start asking those hard questions. You want to know if a relationship is for real or not. Perhaps he/she is not going to commit or they have someone else. But it is better for your own good not to be outsmarted and be disappointed at the end of the day. These are signs they would never get serious with you. Yes nothing sucks than a relationship that may be heading for nowhere.

They are too busy

They have a schedule and you are not on top of that list. Yes they could have busy lives, but no one is really busy for that person they care about. When a lady/guy is insistent about their schedule it means you are not so important.

They are not taking you to special events

Yes a man/woman who wants to commit to you would never show this sign. If you are a part of their future plan they would never hesitate to show you off. They would want you at their side to special occasions like their friend’s birthday party or wedding ceremony.

They are never jealous

There is nothing wrong in your man/woman being jealous. Actually sometimes jealousy can be healthy for your relationship. However if he is not complaining about those pictures you are taking with some other guy or if she is not batting an eyelash when you are getting drunk with another female coworker then they probably have future plans with someone else.

They make big decisions without asking you

There are always big decisions to make every now and then. It could be related to career, religious affiliations or education. But if they see you as someone who plays a major role in their future, they simply would ask your opinion first. Or at least tell you about it.

They have so many secrets

There are so many things he/she is not telling you. You should be in the know and not left out of what is going on in their world. If they are keeping so much information to themselves, it means you are not part of their future.

They always want sex

They see you more as a tool for satisfying their sexual urge. Yes some intimacy is required in a healthy relationship, but it shouldn’t be about sex. You could be tired and not in the mood. How should your partner react when this happens? Should they be indignant and angry?

They don’t introduce you to their family

Of course their family has an important role to play in their lives. Has your partner introduced you to other persons in their family? Are they reluctant in doing this? If they are really fond of you they won’t hesitate to show you to other people they care about.

They tell you they don’t want to commit yet

They could tell you they are not the marriage type. Someone who wants you to be part of their world wouldn’t tell you about their fears about committing to you. They should see you as someone who affects their stability and would want you to be there rather than scare away with “I am not ready to commit yet.” In fact this is a red flag if you really care about them and want to be with them.

They don’t go out of the way to impress you

A man/woman who cares about you would want to spoil you and make you feel comfortable in the relationship. Your partner should feel great about making those strong impressions on you. If they are always making excuses about not doing those things they should do it means they really don’t want to achieve great things with you.