This is Why You Should Never be Disappointed

We live in a world of so many double standards. We ask for too much when we are not willing to give that much. Sometimes you just have to put in the work and acknowledge you have done your best. Of course you could be disappointed. What you thought would work out perfectly could fall apart. Truth be told, life is unfair. But that doesn’t mean it should demean your character. That doesn’t mean it should take a hit on what great personality you have. There shouldn’t be that haze of frustration when you’re disappointed whether in career, relationships or in life.

It all starts with giving

Perhaps your perspective will change when you look at what giving means. There is something about giving. It makes you better, it makes you richer, it makes you more majestic. People think giving makes you weak and frail. No. it doesn’t. Sometimes it helps you discover who you truly are and what great abilities you possess. So you have to hang on tight. Giving helps you know that the world needs you. If you are not willing to give, it may become difficult to attain.

There really is something waiting for you. That is if you are willing to make the effort. You shouldn’t really be disappointed. You should be willing to look at the positives. Such as even when a relationship failed, you had the strength to move on. You had the strength to define your standards and uphold your values. You had the courage to look the other person in the eye and tell them you are strong enough not to take their shit!

It is not about it working out, it is about showing up

What if it didn’t work out in a particular venture? There is always a reason to try again somewhere else. There is always a reason to let go and surge on to a higher ground. There is always a reason to go at those things you love using a different strategy. At least life is giving you that chance to do something else in a different way. And sometimes when you do these things, you simply push a door that would show you better opportunities.

What if you feel you are not good enough because certain people you know make you feel that way? Trust me the opinion of some persons doesn’t matter. Only yours count. And it is up to you to present your voice to the world.

So it comes down to where it started. Don’t expect what you cannot give. Give joy and you would receive joy. Because one thing failed doesn’t mean every other thing will fail. Because of one man left your world, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t travel the world, meet new people and pursue your goals. Life has given us so many options of great moments and great experiences that will make us happy. You should live a fulfilled life.

It is about surviving

Nothing is guaranteed. It is tough out here. But you have to survive and hold on. You have to be relevant and validate why you are here. You have to earn your place. And no one should mess with that. At least you shouldn’t allow them to. It is about learning to live and adapting along the way. Yes you will figure it out. You will understand what success really is and how to attract the greatness you deserve.

There is no reason to despair. There is so much to attain as far as you keep on going with optimism and the effort it requires to attain the happiness you deserve.