Read This If You Just Got Fired!

Congratulations, you just crossed your first hurdle!

I know the last thing you want is for be comforted by a clueless writer who doesn’t know how you feel, but you can rest easy because that’s not what I am trying to do. I may not know exactly know how you feel but I do know it is a tough world out there. It is cold and mean and the people who you’ve labored for most times end up giving up on you.

It is a world that doesn’t care if you were the smartest kid in high school once you make a slight mistake; all those good grades seem to be washed down the drain. Now you are in your scattered bedroom or living room, probably drunk and washing boring soap operas or listening to a loud stereo with a sorrowful song on repeat.

You feel like a failure and you’ve consumed more calories in a day than you would have in a month. You have thought and feared but you can’t seem to put the pieces of your life together; possibly that was your only source of income and your responsibilities are not going to go away with the wind.

I want you to know that you will pull through this and come out better than you ever were and this is why;

You have got all it takes to make it through

This is your life and 90% of how it unfolds depends on your reactions to these kinds of situations. It doesn’t matter if no one in your family has ever been laid off; that doesn’t make you an embarrassment or a failure. You should know you were not all made for a single profession and that is the truth.

Feel free to break away and create your own legacy!

Consider this time free time to dive into your world of opportunities

The world right now doesn’t care what you do as long as it offers ease, solves a problem or makes someone smile. Think about it; you’ve got no restrictions and no instructions to follow. You can work from anywhere you deem fit and for as long as you want.

This is the time to return to your drawing board and create something that you can own. There is so much to do that you were possibly blind to; but it is never too late to see.

This is the time for adventure

You may have locked yourself in your parent’s basement for days; now it’s time to get up, take a proper shower, dress up nicely and get your confidence back.

Open your windows and let those sun rays shine on you. You should go out not necessarily to find another job but to the places that make you happy.

Pick a sport, go to the gym; exercise and let all that negative energy out. Take a thing or two off your bucket list and meet new people.

It is not over yet; you still own your life which means you are a boss and nothing can change that!

This is the time for reinforcements

Life never gets tired of teaching us lessons even when we don’t want to learn them but our experiences open doors for us to become better people and take up bigger challenges.

You may be good at what you do but there is still room for improvement until you become the best.
It is time to broaden your knowledge by asking questions, make research and experimenting more than you ever did.

You didn’t lose your job to become worse; you lost it to become better and better. Make your employers regret laying you off.