What if Things Are Not Working Out?

Shit happens in life. Things we never anticipated or planned for could be knocking on our door and be staring at us in the face. It is tough to deal with certain realities and could be so overwhelming. But there is always hope even when things don’t work. There is always a door to peace and fulfillment. Because it is just in our head and thoughts. It is not always conclusive. Here are some things to keep in mind when things don’t work out.

You always can do your best

There is the dignity and satisfaction of putting in the effort required to be happy and to succeed. It comes with its own pride and sense of accomplishment. Be happy. You have done your best. And it is not about how much you have just put in, it is in knowing that you were capable of delivering your best.

There is always a new day

One beauty of existence that our worst fears may not be what it really is. I watched my uncle commit suicide based on the assumption that he had killed his wife. He thought he was going to jail and he was finished. But he committed suicide. And the woman he thought he killed is happily married with a different man. He should have hung on. He should have believed that there is always a new day. And a new day gives you the opportunity to start afresh, smarter and better.

The details matter

We are always focused on the big picture. We are always focused on the outcomes rather than on those details. The details matter. Be aware of it.  Understand and appreciate those details. Yes you put in the work. Yes you can have your sleep. Yes you can laugh. Yes you are healthy. Yes you can eat another meal. Trust me it is about the detail.

There is courage in walking away

People are consumed about the fight that they forget there is also greatness in walking away from a fight. You don’t have to win everything. What will life be without failures or losses? You should be proud of walking away to try again. You should be proud of letting go when it never worked out. Yes there is courage in walking away.

Nobody truly wins

Your fortune is another person’s misfortune and your misfortune is another person’s fortune. Truthfully life is unfair and the game can be muddled up or outrageous. But nobody truly wins. It is a journey. We should keep going. We should keep trying and working hard to unlock those codes for success and happiness.

It won’t always work out

Have that reality at the back of your mind. Be happy at what you have accomplished when things are not working out. It won’t always work out, it is not meant to always work out. Perhaps it’s our imperfections or the imperfections that surround us. But there is no perfection on this race!