6 Sure Signs That Your Partner is Sex-Starved

Based on general observation and casual conversations with both my female and male friends (both married and single) I have come to an almost conclusion that women have no corner in the low libido market as many men do!

Before you judge me for jumping into conclusion I suggest you take a survey and to make it more interesting start with yourself. In the course of my many reads and inquiry I understood that seventy percent of women if not more  want more sex than their husbands and boyfriends even though not many are willing to discuss it with their partners or seek help from doctors or therapists.

For the men out there it is a well kept secret!

Bottom line everyone wants to have sex expect proven otherwise.

In most societies, men are thought to be the primary initiators of sex without easily giving up after a few failed attempts but for the women folk, no matter how exposed and well enlightened a couple is , there is usually a restriction whether it is actually there or not.

Most women will always see themselves as the receivers and for that singular fact; they wait until they are given.

So how do you tell that sex is the needed spark to ignite the flames of your relationship, you just need to look out for these signs.


As silly as this may sound it does have a strong connection to how sexually active a person is. Regular sex keeps you relaxed and enables you to think clearly however a sex-starved person is tense and full of all kinds of thoughts from fantasies to grudges held against the next person.

If you notice this in your partner, you might want to fix it tonight. It’s not old age or stress it may just be sex.


Not all cases of depression are caused by failure in academics or businesses. Some are caused by a continuous need for sex which no one has cared to meet. This gets dangerous over time and could lead to domestic violence.

Easily angered

Have you noticed that your partner is easily angered by every slight mistake and everything leads to a quarrel? You may not need anger management classes at all. And it’s not a spiritual attack either; you will need to quench the fire between your thighs and not the cleric in your church.

Low self-esteem

Believe it or not, good and regular sex boosts your self confidence. Here’s how; try having sex a night before a job interview rather than burying yourself in research and see how confident you will become the next morning.
You just get have this confidence that tell you if you could do all that last night, then there’s nothing stopping you from impressing your employers.

Constant migraines

Is your partner always complaining of constant migraines and using it as an excuse to skip sex? You might want to educate them a little by telling them that they are running from the cure of their ailment.
Great sex helps you relax and after a good sleep, your whole body is relaxed. Give the aspirins a break and have some sexual healing.

Drunkenness and gluttony

Many times when we can’t seem to get what we truly desire, we find solace in other things either to get pleasure or to distract ourselves from what we are really crave. It‘s the same when a person is sexually starved.

If you notice that your partner is suddenly given to alcohol or he or she eats almost all the time; it might just be their way of trying to vent out their frustrations.

As a final thought, having a sexually starved partner is always a risk in your relationship. Enjoy yourselves while you build strong long-lasting relationships!