To Be the Best Version Of Yourself – Ask Yourself These Questions

I wouldn’t know how often you have come across the phrase soul searching. For someone like me I couldn’t really make anything thing out of it until now. I believe there are many others like me out there who don’t really think it is necessary but I hope that after this read you will understand the urgency.

For me these seven questions actually unlocked many doors and opened my eyes to what prosperity really means not just in a general sense but to me as a person.

Soul searching is simply an honest evaluation of your feelings and motives. An example of soul searching is when you take the time to meditate and think about the purpose of your life and what is most important to you.

It is important to know that a soul searching journey is done alone. Laurie Halse Anderson couldn’t have made it clearer when she said “I can’t do everything for you. You must walk alone to find your soul.”

Here are some questions to help you get through your soul searching journey and return with results.

1. What do you feel most afraid about and how can you be free from it?

Fear is one hindrance you must overcome if you must make progress. The very thing keeping you from all your accomplishments is the fear of what you know and those you do not know. Once fear is tackled, you are half way there.

2. If you were not so afraid, what opportunities would you have taken this year?

I would encourage you to write a very long list. Just go wild and see what you have been missing. In doing so you will realize just how much that fear has taken from you and hopefully that would prompt you to take the next challenge that stares in your face. There is actually no other way to go about it.

3. How do you filter negative thoughts, people and the media?

It’s common knowledge that to be successful you have to protect yourself from negative energy, destructive critics and downers, stress overload and even the media. But the real question has to be answered personally and very honestly.

You need to come up with your own formula which has to be very effective otherwise you will just be stuck with the knowledge and have no impact.

4. What have you been procrastinating and How can you stop?

Are you always talking about something but you have never done it? It’s time you did it already.
Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone. If being successful is negotiable to you and it doesn’t really matter if you make it or not then by all means keep postponing. But if it is your only option then just get up and get it done already.

5. Have you thought about your legacy lately? How do you want to make a difference?

The purpose of life is not just to be happy. It is to be useful to humanity in all honor and compassion. It is to make a difference that you have lived and lived well.

6. What self-imposed limitation do you need to free yourself from?

If you have failed once or more, you need to forgive yourself. Life only gets harder when you stop trying.

7. What is that thing you can’t do without?

Who says you have to run around learning skills all the time or adopting other people’s techniques? You could start with your daily routine. Those things you always find very easy and fun may just be the only thing you will ever need.