9 Positive Thoughts That Will get you Through Tough Times

This post was initially published on goodmenproject.com

As they say tough times don’t last as much as tough people do. You have to be tough, resilient, and willing to push harder to experience pleasant times. And sometimes the right thoughts could be what swing you through such period.

Here are 9 thoughts that will get you through difficult times.

(1) The knowledge that will help us thrive and succeed is really not given to us when we are born. We really don’t inherit wisdom, but it can come from the circumstances that we face. Yes our choices and the path we choose to walk could be what help us smarter to take on challenges.

(2) Complaining doesn’t help you grow. It doesn’t make you happy. Sometimes you have to take responsibility of a situation. You don’t have to magnify them. This way you can deal with it better.

(3) Never think the game is over, there is always the opportunity to start all over again. There is no point in holding out for a happy ending. It is more about appreciating and dealing with every moment as they come.

(4) According to Melissa Thompson founder of HarcourtHealth.com, “Never focus on what others are doing wrong. Think of what you can do right and your life becomes interesting.” There are so many wonderful places that await you, but you have to change your mindset first.

(5) There is so much that are out of our control. Sometimes we have to focus on those things that we can deal with rather than worry ourselves about those things we cannot handle. This way we will maximize the goodness of our present actions.

(6) Chasing is good but those things that are notable and worthy to keep you happy are those things you really don’t chase. People can be vain as they chase success, wealth and happiness. Chasing these things could mean that we are overwhelmed. However things that are pure and consistent should come to you rather than you chasing after them.

(7) Change is constant. Nothing stays the same. Rather than complain about the cycles of life or the changing seasons you should focus on appreciating the good times when they arrive and be courageous enough to face the bad times when we are faced with them. Sometimes you simply need to be flexible to attain the happiness you deserve.

(8) Be happy at the risks and chances you have taken, that’s how you grow. The truth is that pain has a way of increasing your courage and confidence. If you want to improve your bravery focus on how you can benefit from failure.

(9) Moving on shouldn’t be hard. It may be difficult to do and would not happen automatically. However a situation shouldn’t get the best of you. You should be a master of any situation and be willing to move on when you have to.