This is What Happens When They Stop Caring

Not everyone will love you the way you love them, they may never treat you right no matter how caring or loving you are. It is just the way the world is. Don’t expect to be treated fairly in every relationship. Sometimes you may just get burnt for showing good emotions. Yet what could be hurting is not realizing what is and trying to move on with your life as fast as you can. These are things that will start happening when they stop caring.

They don’t talk to you often

Perhaps someone else has taken your place or they are just too busy to realize your importance in their world. But somehow they stop talking and communicating with you. And communication is not simply about saying hi or asking about how your day was, it is about letting the other person into your goals in life and your true desires. There should be intimacy even in the way you communicate.

They stop asking

They stop asking the questions that would push the relationship forward. They don’t even answer those questions that are bothering you anymore in the relationship.

They stop trying

They stop trying to make you feel loved and desired in the relationship. The relationship stops being active.

They start complaining

Yes it is great for your partner to want the best from you. And there is nothing wrong in demanding for more time, more emotions or more responsibility. It’s just that when they turn make these issues the center of the relationship, they don’t see a future with you. They should be more focused on those things that can be right with you rather than those things that are wrong.

They stop standing up for you

They stop being willing to defend or protect you. They simply treat you like every other regular person in their world.

 They are not patient

Perhaps they used to be. They could tolerate your anomalies that make you unique. This was never a worry to them in the past. In fact they even saw it as something that they could laugh about. But unfortunately things change and your anomalies just make them angry.

They don’t buy you special things anymore

Maybe they start holding you more accountable. They wait for you to do things before they set out to do something special for you. If someone really cares about you, they would want to surprise and impress you.  They want to make you feel wanted and appreciated.

They are not curious anymore

Perhaps they wanted to know what you were doing, who you hanging out with, how you were spending your time. But suddenly all those things become irrelevant to them. They are not curious about how you spend your time or who you are spending it with. Yes they may not show jealousy since jealousy is a range but they should be curious and want to show they are there for you.

Their friends start acting strange

Not all friends would want to act strange, but certainly if your man/woman has stopped caring, they would tell their friends about it. It may not sink well with all their friends and they would show it to you. When their friends start seeing you in a different light or starts acting strange then you should know that it is time to walk away and move on.

There are subtle signs you should always be attentive to in a relationship. Yes you may have that gut feeling when things are not working right, you may also need to define what was and what now is. If they have stopped caring you may need to work things out or find the exit door!