Everything They Wouldn’t tell You About Becoming Successful

It is an irony. It is expensive. It is not what you would find on the many pages on the internet. They may not teach you in school or business school either. It takes a lot of work. And perhaps a lot of time. But it is worth it.

Success is an overused or overemphasized word, I believe. It is not what everyone should think about it. It is what you should think about it. It is what you should know about it. And it doesn’t mean you have that fat account with a lot of money in it. Sometimes all that doesn’t matter, it could just be about being happy after all.

I used to have a friend who was talented. He could have competed and be an ideal fit in any multinational company. But he stayed put where he was. He wasn’t chasing opportunities or goals like every other person was. He was simply okay with where he was or who he was. Perhaps he did it for his wife, perhaps he did it for his kids. Perhaps he did it for those he loved. And for him it wasn’t about the money.

May be that is one thing they never tell you about success. It is not about the money.

It could be about a lot of things, but the money shouldn’t be one of them. Don’t get me wrong. Money is important. You need it to pay your bills and attain the kind of freedom you desire. But it shouldn’t be central. Because even the satisfaction money provides could fade and it wouldn’t make so much difference later on. But what do I know, who doesn’t want a comfortable life?

It could mean something more. It could mean adding value and wanting to contribute to the beauty around you. It could be about answering the right questions or solving the right problems. It could about being kind or wanting to share. It is about love. And many successful people are not as mean as many people assume them to be. They could be protective of their time, their space, their energy, their resources – they are not just as mean as people assume them to be.

So yes success should be about giving. It is not simply about taking. Maybe that is why successful people are picky about those things they say yes to. They don’t do everything other people are doing. Because they know what matters and those things that don’t.

It is about learning. Successful people gain a lot of knowledge even in failure. It is not about those things that didn’t work, it is about what they have come to understand, what they never knew previously. Successful people prioritize learning over failure. They know it would come down to how much you know after all. And what they know is not common knowledge. Because they have risked a bet, taking an action or spent their time right.

It is about taking action. It is not simply about reading this blog post or many other posts. It is not about watching all the motivational videos on Youtube. It is about going into the field and doing the dirty work. Successful people are proactive people. They want to do. They are passionate and excited. And such excitement can be infectious!

It is about doing it right. People do a lot of things these days. It is hard to know what works and doesn’t. Perhaps there is a master plan for doing it right. Perhaps you have to make a lot of mistakes. Perhaps you have to keep trying. But trust me world only pays big bucks for excellence. And doing it right means focusing on excellence and thinking different. When you can do it differently or have done it better, it means you are winner!