5 Secret Tips to Succeeding in Your Own Business

A close friend of mine started a small business from her kitchen at home. She already had the passion for cooking so all she had to do was do one great job and get a referral to do the next great job till she built a whole network of satisfied customers who would eventually take her business to the world.

Eventually doing one great job after the other was not just enough so she decided to pick up her pace. She had a food fair where people came and ate to their fill for a token, she had great comments on the food and definitely recommendations.

The weeks that followed ushered a huge number of prospective clients, far more than she had ever imagined but that only crashed the business because she had been using free and voluntary labor without a work force in place.

Her mistake was she never knew when her business was going to grow so she was not prepared and as she turned down one job and did another in haste she used her own hands to destroy what she had built.

It all happened so fast!

Never underestimate your business

We live in a crazy world so it’s easy to sell just about anything. Entrepreneurship allows you to run wild in your creativity without any fear of being restricted.
Just bear in mind that no matter how small it seems right now, it is going to get real big so when you plan, go all in. Plan like it’s the biggest business in the world.

Aim to learn and not just to win

A lot of successful people believe that failure teaches you more interesting lessons than success ever will and I totally agree.

The joy of starting your own business is that you get to play by your own rules. You get to tell your own story but that doesn’t mean it has to be all pretty.

You need to come to terms with the fact that failure will be frequent and should be anticipated.

So as you go out there be prepared to fail as much as you are prepared to succeed ; it doesn’t make you a pessimist, it makes you brave.

It’s all about pure hard work

I don’t know how else to say this but I’ll try: Your business is yours to build, protect, inspire and develop and all these requires nothing but resilience and real hard work. There is no trusted co-pilot on your plane who you get to hand over to when it gets tough.

If your business is ever going to thrive, you need to be all in every second of everyday.

Use social media

It’s fun to spend so much time on social media platforms reading gossips and watching funny clips but I assure you it is going to be a lot more fun when you use it to promote your business. You definitely won’t have a million followers in one day but you can have a hundred and one of them may just be your key to a billion customers.

Do a little charity

Call it the law of nature or a superstitious belief but giving back as charity serves a very good foundation for your business. It creates a good impression of you and your business. It also affords you the opportunity of making positive impacts. Pick a charity of your interest and give a little donation, not more than you can afford of cause and watch it create new opportunities for you.

Having a business is not only about having the money to pay your bills and being independent. It is also about making the world a better place.