It is Meant to Happen – Not Meant to Last

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There is a wrong perception of love. We all think when we find the one we love, things would work out great and make us happy. While these are not wrong expectations, it could be that we enter relationships with a strong expectation and we are disappointed after all.

It is meant to happen, it is not always meant to last. You should be forgiven of the situation you find yourself in. who knows if the relationship would work out or not? Who knows if they are right or wrong for you? It simply means sometimes we deserve a realistic expectation. There is a very good chance that new guy or chick would make a mistake. Setting the bars too high makes people fall short. Yes sometimes we need a realistic expectation of the situation.

This is why it is meant to happen and not meant to last.

You are aware

You are a desirable person and you would certainly desire others. It is meant to happen that you find someone interesting if you stick around. But why it may not last is that you are also aware of your flaws. And your flaws could be the obstacle so difficult to climb. You are aware of the wrongs that have hurt you in the past and you don’t want to have those experiences anymore.

You are assuming

You are not patient enough to let matters work out. They say time has a way of healing all wounds. It takes time to nurture what is meant to last. It takes effort and hard work too. It takes resources too and you could end up disappointed because like everything good there is some risk involved. But how many are willing to take that risk and stay for the whole game? It is like hiring a paving company to improve the road to your neighborhood, you need to be patient for a good job to be delivered to you. Great things take time.

You have so many options

I won’t blame you if you want to look elsewhere. We live at a time when there are dating apps, clubs meet up points and venues for you to get into that next exciting relationship. We could go to some place new. We could get hitched by a friend, there is always the option that would take you away from what was meant to happen.

You are not forgiven

Yes you may have gone through a lot of hurt in the past and it becomes so hard to forgive that special one for a mistake they made. Because it is so hard to forget the hurt they may have caused you and you don’t want to go through that ordeal. You just want to heal alone and move on. But to make anything last you have to learn to forgive and work through problems together.

You have set the bar so high

Standards can be bitch. We want a guy or lady who is nearly perfect. We believe we deserve the best and do not want someone who falls short of the requirement we have set for them. But a relationship shouldn’t work the way an organization works, you have to remove your leg from the pedal for once and flow with the moment. Learn to tolerate and absorb different kind of people in your life. You don’t know the frog that would turn to your prince charming.