This Is What it Means To Move On After a Hurting Relationship

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It is hard to move on after a hurting relationship. There is something you must have invested in a relationship anyways whether it worked out or not. It could be emotions, energy or resources. And perhaps this is why it is so hard to let go and move on. However, moving on could be a defining point for you. Here is what it means to move on after a hurting relationship.

It means you are willing to let go

Yes it means forgiveness. It means forgiving the other person whether they apologize or not; or whether they deserve it or not. It means admitting you are sorry and knowing you made a mistake and surging on. It means you are willing to let go of what has happened in the past.

It means you are willing to be free

Freedom starts with desiring for it. Sometimes we could be enslaved with the notion of “what if.” We are asking ourselves what if certain things didn’t happen. We are boxed in the past and do not want to get out of it. If you want to move on you have to accept freedom.

It means you are willing to discover

Yes you want to learn from your mistakes. Every encounter and experience gives birth to some knowledge. Rather than sulk about your misfortune, you are willing to smile and adapt. You are meant to know more about yourself and your environment after a failed relationship. Really you don’t need to consume yourself in worry about those things that didn’t work out, you need to find peace and comfort in the journey you have taken.

It means you are willing to find strength

There is no need playing the victim. Victims don’t win. To defeat the past you have to be willing to find strength even in discomfort. You shouldn’t be beaten or burnt, but you should rise and find strength to conquer your fears.

It means to be positive

You would be better equipped to face the future when you are willing to focus on the positives and the bright side. You should believe that tomorrow has something better in store for you. This way you can embrace the future with a better perspective.

It means appreciation

You are able to appreciate who you are. Your self-esteem shouldn’t be bruised by a terrible experience. It means you can appreciate how far you have come and how great things can be for you. It means loving and valuing yourself. It all starts with you, this way you can be loved by another person.

It means pushing on

You don’t need jealousy, envy or resentment. You don’t push or heal that way. You would find joy in who you are when you can have peace, joy and hope. You have to live in the moment and take a step at a time.

It means you can heal

Perhaps you need to get a travel insurance, travel and leave where you are to a different place. Maybe you can start all over again. Maybe you can pursue a new passion or skill. Maybe you can find something else that excites and challenges you. Healing starts from recognizing that there are many components of life and you simply want to embrace something else.