5 Signs You May Be In a Toxic Relationship

Stop right there! Are you in a toxic relationship? If your answer is no then the next question is how well can you tell if your relationship is toxic or not?

You’ve probably been enduring a toxic relationship without even knowing how much harm it has been doing to you because all this while, you were just ignorant of it. I am talking about those signs you probably thought were nothing out of the ordinary. Yep! Those passive comments and gestures that were abusive but you just thought it is wise to sweep them under the rug because you didn’t want to be seen as an inconsiderate person.

From now henceforth, you won’t die silently anymore. You know why? It is because a relationship is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated in both the good and bad times. It doesn’t matter if the sky is falling down, once you are together, it’s meant to be just fine.

If that is not your story; well you just might want to give a little more thought to the health of your relationship.

Forceful sexual acts

When was the last time you had to take a position during sex that caused you a lot of pain and discomfort but no apologies were given because your partner thought you both enjoyed it?
How often does that happen? And after the first two or three experiences did you show your disapproval or did you just keep quiet because you don’t want your partner to think you can’t satisfy them.

If you are going through such an experience you need to seek help because you need to be alive and healthy to even enjoy sex in the first place.


Does your partner use fear to get what he or she wants? Do they threaten you with their behaviors and looks? If yes, then you need to reconsider that relationship. Sometimes they may display a dangerous item and later call it a joke or destroy a property and say it was a mistake. All these are signs you ought to pay attention to; you don’t just ignore them.

Emotional abuse

How confident are you when you guys hang out together or with other people? Does your partner appreciate you or is he or she constantly comparing you with others? How does he or she correct you? Is it done in love or in a humiliating manner?

They may be constantly violating your trust with promises of becoming better but they never improve. You need to know that you have a right to better and go for it. Quit letting everything slide; you are not made for pain alone!


This often starts small, usually from suggestions then it gradually evolves into demands and then it is made compulsory and just like that you wake up one morning and you have no say concerning your own life.

If your partner has the habit of dictating who you see, where you go and what you do, the results might not turn out to be as helpful as you would expect in the end.

A healthy relationship consists of trust and as such insecurity is checked while a toxic relationship is controlling and limiting.

Rigid gender roles

I am a believer that all humans are created perfect in their own unique ways, no one should feel inferior or superior though certain capabilities may make them differ, they are as equal as can be. It’s a relationship and not a competition among species. This means that opinions are to be respected and considered and compromises made to ensure the progress of the relationship.

If your relationship is governed based on the ‘man of the house’ mindset or the ‘I have the last say mindset’ then it will definitely cease to exist. The health of your relationship depends on how often you examine and evaluate it. Make it a habit today.