8 Ways Strong Women Intimidate Others Without Meaning To

This post was previously published on puckermob.com

It is easy to be intimidated by a strong and independent woman. When some women intimidate others, though, they could be unaware of how their personality makes these people feel.

Times have changed for women. Whether they are running a home cleaning service or working in a Fortune 500 company, the woman has come a long way. And these could mean that they have master’s and college degrees, better GPAs and higher earnings if they are single than their male counterparts. But how does a strong woman intimidate others?

They are result oriented

You don’t have so many people out there who are willing to put in the work and effort to attain results. It is so easy to cower and retreat to one’s comfort zone. However strong women put their mind and energy to work to strategize and find results.

They are confident

She believes in herself and doesn’t need anyone else’s approval. She knows what she’s worth and can take good care of herself.

They know what they want

She is clear about her goals. She knows what she is after and how she will get it. This is why they choose those they want in their life. If they can be strong minded, resourceful and independent, they know they will always attain those things they want.  You can’t negate the clarity of a woman who wants to excel and succeed.

They stand up for themselves

They are not waiting for someone to come in their defense, instead they have what it takes to look after themselves and do just fine!

They don’t stop learning

You think after that master’s degree they would stop learning, but they don’t. They have an intelligent mind and want to always improve their skill. When they are in a conversation with you, you may find them intimidating. But they have an interesting mind and would always devote themselves to knowledge. Yes intelligence can be lethal.

They are always willing to compete

They may not see you as a competition since their biggest competition is their self. But they are always willing to be better versions of themselves. This doesn’t mean they shy away from a challenge, they are always willing to go out in search for answers and reach their goals.

They have a solid self-esteem

They are graceful and know their worth. They can be strong and fearless. However this doesn’t mean they are disrespectful or unruly. They are still women and would certainly demand your respect.

They can still be termed as a woman

They may have all that intimidating personality, yet they are women. They are strong and have been able to carve something for themselves out of life. They wouldn’t want to intimidate you. Rather they would want you to appreciate and value their role. So it is not about being submissive or quiet, opinionated or independent, it is just that she wants to be appreciated for her true beauty at the end of the day.