8 Secrets to Living a Fulfilled Life

We could all be rich and successful; I mean we could be billionaires or billionaires in the making if we had this knowledge a little earlier than now. We could have all lived to fulfill our dreams if we were only brave enough to dream in the first place.

We would be living happy and fulfilled lives if we knew that it was just a choice we had to make. I mean who knew that life had started before the expected and anticipated age of 18years? Where I come from, you don’t even begin to live your life until you are 25 years and some people aren’t even that lucky to make it to 25!

If we only knew that life had begun from the very first day we said our first words and that the most crucial decision we are ever going to take in life is not if we wanted to go to school or not, but if we wanted to be who we are or who the society told us we are.

Life would have been so easy to figure out if we started living early but then it is never too late to start living.

Unleash a war on complacency

From now henceforth dare to face the things you know nothing about. Abandon the fuzzy and warm arms of the known and launch out to improve who you are. Staying safe doesn’t stop you from dying!

Eating happy meals

Do not just eat to survive or just shove something in your mouth and swallow because you are hungry. Pay more attention to taste and appearance. Give yourself a treat; at home or in a nice restaurant. Don’t settle till you get an all round satisfaction

Being careful in your adventures

As easy as this may sound, it is actually one of the most difficult things to do in a world filled with so much speed and spontaneity – it’s constantly sweeping you off your feet. As you embark on each dangerous quest, give attention to details before you take a decision about your job, a relationship or even a fun night out?

Do not take your eyes off the course, you just might hit the ice; you have got to be a little careful if you want to go far.

Choosing the right learning environment

A lot of people believe that the environment of a person makes a person but I disagree. A person makes an environment what it becomes. You have the ability to grow in a different environment even when you are not physically present there.

There is no knowledge beyond your reach and you are never limited by your location.

Being reliable

It is a combination of your skills and the relationships you have built that gets you the job. If you are not faithful with the little, no one will risk entrusting the big bucks to you.

Admiring the beauty of nature

I don’t know about you but the sky heals me. It serves as a very good inspiration and distraction when I need it. Just take a pause, forget about everything else and be renewed by nature.


Taking a break and resting is not an option as most people believe. It is actually compulsory and it doesn’t matter if the job is done or not. Shut it down and take a nap, go out for some fresh air or better still lay naked in your tub and let time stop. It is all the refreshment you need!

Staying thankful

Life takes a turn for the best when you are grateful for what you have been able to accomplish. Instead of panicking about what the future holds, take a moment to celebrate your existence. It is the best foundation to build your future on.