5 Things You Shouldn’t Be Paying For Because the Best Things in Life Are Free

Life gets harder when you have no one encouraging you. Sometimes it feels as though you are the only one going through trying times. When we are faced with such situations, our strength begins to fail us. We try to remain calm and hold back our fears but the more we try to pull ourselves together, the more our uncertainties come bursting out. In a bid to get our confidence back, we begin to pay for even the things that have been given to us freely.

As humans, it is in our nature to seek the attention of others and to want to be chased after and admired. It’s in us to seek consistency in our relationships.

We want to be trusted, just the way we trust other people. We want reliability, excitement and moments filled with fun with the people we love. When we suddenly realize that those things are missing in our lives, we become afraid and in our panic we make certain mistakes that we regret.
Often we forget that there is a difference between the things we are meant to chase in our lives and those that should chase after us. Often we mistake priorities and that results in a lot of dissatisfaction in life.

Maybe you’ve been chasing the wrong things in life and that’s why you are so unhappy but it’s never too late to get it right.


It’s funny how the whole world has gone wild in search of a particular kind of beauty; the physical appearance is what everyone seems most concerned about. So it is little wonder how many pretty faces are depressed and in rehab and how many more are now drug addicts, not forgetting how many precious lives have been lost while undergoing plastic surgeries.

The point I’m making here is simple, believe it or not you are beautiful just the way you are. You have no need pursuing a beauty that is already inside you.

While you are trying so hard to change you, remember you are already perfect.


It breaks my heart to see how often we chase after a gift that has been given to us freely by nature. By virtue of living, you are entitled to love; the love of your family, your friends and your soul mate.

You do not have to beg, fight or pay for love because it is yours for the taking. You just have to enjoy it and give it back the best way you can. Love has and will always be given and received freely. Do not let anyone take this reality away from you.


From the moment you begin to exist, you have storage of peace that no one can tamper with and no matter how bad a situation may seem it cannot take away your peace except you give it up.
Your peace doesn’t depend on how others behave as it is popularly thought to be; No! You control your peace and you are the only one who makes sure you never lose it.


There is a mind-blowing amount of encouragement outside in the open that we often do not take note of. Where we go in search of strength to continue life’s journey is often where our deepest weaknesses are often revealed.

When we are desperately in need of a path, we don’t find it because we are looking outward instead of searching within us.

Every encouragement and strength resides right inside you. Learn to celebrate yourself, learn to uplift yourself because you can!


There is absolutely nothing restricting you from being who you want to be and you need nobody’s permission. You just need to do what makes you happy because it is free, so why the hell not?