How to get The Attention You Deserve From Those You Truly Care About

As humans we like to keep really special people around us. When we wake up one morning and they are not there, the feeling of loneliness and abandonment sets in. In our desperate quest to get the attention of the people we love, we panic and then we make certain compromises and make decisions that don’t augur well with us in the nearest future.

I know it’s really hard to keep your cool when you miss certain special people but if you are not careful you will just drive them further away and that will result in a more terrible feeling.

The personal space line

Every human being has a personal space no matter how open they may seem. We all want to have that quiet time and. be alone. We need that time to do some personal examination and evaluation. When you cross that line, you lose the fondness that person has for you; it’s like you are saying you don’t care what the person is doing because your company is far better.

In simple term, it’s just disrespectful and irritating; no matter how much you want to be around someone, always offer them the space the need.

The work space line

As desperate as your quest to walk back up the ladder may seem, the right environment is very key if you must make progress.

Now don’t get me wrong; I am not saying a nice brief stop at their place of work with a bunch of flowers and a really sweet note expressing how you feel is inappropriate, no! I am saying the constant stalking and long waits in the hall way makes you look jobless and frankly it’s quite distracting.

Avoid crossing the work space line as much as possible.

The independence line

Most times we think that expressing our weaknesses and fears about losing a person is our best shot at getting the person back but that is not true at all. With or without those people your life goes on.
Nobody wants to be around people who are too dependent on them. They will grow weary of you soon. Let them know that you would really love to have them back but you are still strong even when alone.

Bottom-line get a life outside missing them.

The communication line

As easy as it is to call and send a text on any social media platform is, it is very important that you exercise self-control and restriction when it entails communicating with someone you miss. Have a little dignity even when you beg and always be patient. Time does work out magic if you let it.

Be precise, sweet and funny when you reach out; in addition be unpredictable and never make it a routine.

The honesty line

There is absolutely nothing wrong in truly craving the company of a loved one but when it’s false a lot of people can smell it miles away. Do not cross the honesty line, when you miss a person express it with no exaggerations.

When you lie about how much you miss them it just sends them farther away.

The unforgiving line

When a relationship is built, it is built on trust. And when that trust is broken it creates distance and in order for reconciliation to take place and that bond to be amended it takes forgiveness.

When we miss our loved ones and we cannot bear their absence anymore it is important they know that there is no grudge been held against them. That’s the only way they can return. They can only return when they feel forgiven and accepted.