8 Things Every Gentleman Should Know about Women

Every human being wants to be loved and wanted; it is human nature. Everyone loves to feel the admiration of others and to be showered with compliments by all.

To be recognized and associated with is something everyone wants but when it comes to a man; a man wants more than that. A man wants to have not just the love of the woman he is with, but also have an assurance that he is wanted by other women. He is king and he wants to be desired, appreciated and respected.

However not many men have gotten that lucky yet and that’s because they are completely ignorant of what will set them on the throne. Apart from good looks and a degree, girls today want more. So are you ready to step up to the challenge?

Chase the paper and not the girls

I would call it a popular logic but not all men remember to use it. Once you stop chasing a thing it automatically begins to race after you. Try investing the same energy, resources and time in a business of your choice and watch how quickly the tables will turn.


Yep! It’s as simple as that. Be informed. Seeking knowledge has never been a boring thing to do and right now it is like a magnetic field to the ladies. In recent times more ladies have become concerned with subjects such as entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and networking on very large scales; businesses that were once considered masculine are now being invaded by the women folk and these ladies are not interested in wasting time with someone who has nothing to offer.

Explore your kitchen

There is a lot of fun and adventure that is yet to be discovered in the kitchen in addition to trying wide variety of recipes which offers the opportunity to spend quality time and know each other better, cooking is actually sexy and makes a man very attractive.

There is a sense of security that every woman seeks and knowing she is assured of a good meal even when you are broke is quite satisfying!

Learn to play an instrument

This works like magic! But you already know that. If you want to increase your chances with the ladies and you don’t really have a voice that melts hearts when you sing, your next best shot is playing an instrument. Be good at it and watch what happens.

Give attention to your hygiene

It breaks my heart to see full grown men who are enlightened and exposed give time and energy to everything else except their personal hygiene. What will it cost you to keep clean finger and toe nails? How about devoting just five minutes to lay your bed and clean your room?

Every girl loves a clean man because it shows a sense of responsibility. Plus it saves you from having embarrassing moments.

Be sincere

It won’t kill you to stick to your words rather it will make you more trust-worthy and dependable. Lies have a way of tarnishing your image and in the end you will end up losing the girl you were trying to impress and a good name which will take a really long time to get back.

Keep promises

Everyone loves a promise keeper but girls adore men who can come through with their promises. It is best you decline than make a promise you cannot keep, it just ruins your chances of being taken seriously.

Be original, believe in yourself, create something that is yours

Being original makes you intimidating and spontaneous. It proves that you are real and I can assure you it’s a turn on for most ladies. There isn’t a girl who doesn’t like a man full of surprises even when they do not admit it.