How to Know Your Partner Will be Successful or Not?

So lately I have heard a lot of discussions about waiting for and investing in the dreams of your potential spouse. Most of the people I have met do not know if the people they are courting have any potential at all or what they should be on the lookout for in a person who will eventually become successful. I personally do not believe in getting involved with people who have no vision or future goals; it just has a way of slowing you down in every way. But again that is my opinion. How about you?

If you are in a relationship and your partner is not financially stable yet and he or she seems to be struggling on the staircase of achieving set goals, what do you do?

Is there hope for such a person? An assurance that he or she has what it takes to make it in the end, or do you just abandon such a person and hook up with someone more settled?

In a world full of uncertainties where a person’s status could change in split seconds; you have to know if your partner has what it takes or if you are just wasting your time.

How much are they willing to know?

A person who has the potential of becoming successful concerns themselves with every kind of knowledge. But they do not stop there; mind you it is not how much they want to know but how far they are willing to go to ensure that they get such knowledge.

A potentially successful person is not dogmatic, they accept new information and are willing to adapt easily regardless of how inconvenient it may be. When it comes to knowledge, boundaries are detrimental. How much does your partner know already and how far are they willing to expand on what they know?

How easily do they give up?

Jon Bon Jovi couldn’t have been more precise when he said “success is falling nine times and getting up ten times” it is basically all about hanging in there when others have let go.
Being successful requires pain, I dare say; one has to decide which one is easier to live with, the pain that results in success at the end or the pain which comes with the regrets after quitting. When giving up becomes a habit, the possibility of being successful at even the easiest things becomes thin.

What are they presently doing?

In the words of Pablo Picasso ‘Action is the fundamental key to success’. You should not have a problem if a person has the stupidest ideas or the most brilliant ones, doing nothing has never gotten anyone anywhere. If your partner is waiting for a superb idea to hit the world hard, both of you are going to wait for a long time and might I add, you guys will get poorer too.
Creation presents opportunities; they have to have an idea before they can run with it. The idea fuels the determination and like a bulletproof provides the protection one needs in order to stay relevant.

Who are their friends?

A good company is the only way a person survives and continuously transforms into something useful. To possess good quality one has to be rid of shallow and callow minded individuals.
Are you impressed or completely disappointed with the company of your partner? If yes, that could result in greater problems in the future even if he or she has the potential of becoming successful. Bad company is like weed, once left hovering around the plant the chances of survival is jeopardized.

A person’s company affects every aspect of the individual and as such it’s safer to remain alone than be ruined by bad company; I assure you the effects are long lasting!

What excites them?

As simple and irrelevant as this sounds it actually tells how far a person can go before he or she begins to celebrate. If your partner gets easily excited or impressed by mediocrity then they just may settle for less and expect that you too should be content by how far they have come even when they clearly have a long way to go.
Conclusively it is your responsibility to find out if you have a secured future with the person you consider a potential life partner or if you are heading for the cliffs! Not caring at all is very dangerous.