5 Things You Still Don’t Know about Falling in Love

We live in a hateful world but love is sweet, pure, and wholesome love still lurks on every corner. It has nothing to do with how primitive you are or how enlightened you are. Love has been passed down through generations and it doesn’t matter if it is found within a family circle or gotten from a complete stranger; it is a destination that everyone hopes to arrive at.

Do not quit just yet

Do not let others take those dreams away; hold tight to your hopes for creating beautiful moments. Do not let the pain experienced by a brother, a sister or a close friend rob you off the plans of creating fascinating stories untold. You have the right to live and love just the way you imagined it.

True love isn’t rare at all

They tell you true love is hard to come across and so when you encounter something that feels like it, you don’t want to let go. Of cause you had been given a warning so the fear won’t let you double-check.
How can true love be rare when everyone seems to be searching for it? True love isn’t manufactured somewhere in a factory or out of reach like a commodity that is imported. It is found deep inside our hearts and the only way you know it is true enough is when it asks for nothing in return.

Next time you are told true love is rare, remember it isn’t. It is only waiting to be found when you are ready.

True love is usually the most inconvenient kind

You can’t be scared of losing something in your life when nothing really matters to that extent. It is usually the type where the rest of the world completely vanishes at the sight of them. You couldn’t kill the pain it’d bring even if you took an overdose of pain killers and neither can the joy it brings be compared with anything else.

You cannot play smart when you consciously let go of your intelligence. You are naked to your bones and you can only pray and hope that such vulnerability is with the right person – someone who takes your breath away. Happy endings still happen.

The people don’t have to believe it or encourage you to stand firm to your belief, the most important part is that you believe it and as such, you are living in preparation and anticipation for the moment it will happen and I assure you, it will. Have a little faith!

You may have lost a lot of years searching but you have not lost the love deep inside you. It is just waiting for whoever is strong enough to find it again.

There are still people who still believe in loving just one person

There are still people who want to just love one person alone. They do not want to change you or judge you. All they want to do is make every effort to understand your heart and soul and discover your darkest corners.

To be deeply loved, you have to open yourself wide open; open your flaws and fears. There is nothing more terrifying and more satisfying than reaching out to take that risk. It is always worth it.

There are still people who will not lie to you

There are still people who will tell you the truth even when it hurts them. They wouldn’t intentionally hurt you or make flimsy excuses for cheating on you. They wouldn’t threaten your self-esteem and ruin their relationship with you.

They are aware that undiscovered lies erode your very core and weaken the foundations of trust built over time.

Whether you believe it or not, love is very much available in its purest forms. Don’t let the world fool you into believing anything else.