Why It is So Important to Move on After a Breakup and How to Move on

A relationship that doesn’t work out the way you expect it to hurts. Here is why you should move on.

You thought it would last. You thought it was the next best thing and that he/she would always make you happy. But somewhere in between your expectations failed you and you got hurt. Your feelings have its way of playing tricks on you.

But don’t sweat it out, there is always a positive side to every experience. But it’s also time for you to face a happy future you deserve.

Why you should move on

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to forgive yourself and anyone who hurt you. You deserve to heal. You deserve to improve your perspective on life. Truthfully, not everyone is out to hurt you. Perhaps you both got things wrong from the start or your goals changed. But now it is time to focus on being a better you for the one who is coming along.

You have to cherish your own company and improve your self-esteem. No one can make you happy like you. Perhaps you are now tasked with the work of improving your personality and wellness.

Yes it is tough not looking back, it is tough because you must have devoted some time, energy and resources to make the relationship work.  But when something is not working and you are not happy, it is time to move on.

Here is how to move on.

Be authentic

Be realistic with your feelings. There is nothing wrong in knowing why you feel a certain way and dealing with it appropriately.

Know what will get you going

Set goals for yourself. What will you be looking forward to in the near future from yourself and the relationships you will enter?


Yes you need to mingle. You could find joy in playing games. Don’t just sit there and moan about the past. Go out and enjoy relationships with friends and colleagues.

Appreciate who you are

What are those interests you have that you kept waiting while you focused on a wrong relationship. Appreciate your abilities or skills and develop them.


Who says you cannot visit somewhere new and get out of your comfort zone? You need to expand your mind and entertain new possibilities.

Get busy

Pursue an interest. Focus on your personal and career development. Don’t stay idle, this could hurt you. But get busy and enjoy exciting new activities.


Yes you need to chill too. Relax and pamper yourself. Of course you will develop a calmer attitude and positive persona when you understand that there are beautiful things that await you.