8 Things It’s Impossible to Forgive Your Ex for (No matter how Hard you Try)

There is always that time you want to look back and wonder what happened in a bad relationship. Was it great? What went right or what went wrong? There is always a moment of reminiscence. And yes we just don’t want to repeat those mistakes we once did. Not being in control of our emotions can be a pain. However here are 8 things you may probably not want to forgive your ex for no matter how hard you try.

Why they just wouldn’t compromise

Yes there is the question of why they always stuck to their guns without giving you more. They could have sacrificed more or tried harder to see things from your perspective. It is hard to forgive or look back at someone who was not willing to make any sacrifice but wanted things to always work the way they wanted it to.

Why they never gave you the space you needed

Perhaps you needed more room to fulfill your role in the relationship. A relationship shouldn’t be a prison. We always want to be real and authentic in a relationship without acting pretentious, and yes a little bit of freedom could have helped you attain that.

Allowing others determine the rhythm of the relationship

It would have been better if there was no other person in the relationship but just the two of you. Unfortunately, there could be more people interfering like friends and family. This could have affected the rhythm of the relationship because somehow you lost your voice in the relationship.

Saying those things you both would later regret

There are those words that are just mean and said to your face that you find hard to forgive. Perhaps it was about how you were not good enough or they would have made a different choice instead of you. Yes those words hurt and would stab like a knife.

Even then there are words you cannot forgive yourself for saying. You saw disappointment and fear in their eyes and it just stuck in you that you should have been a better person anyways.

Waiting too long for their apologies

Maybe you waited too long and they just didn’t tell you how sorry they were for hurting you. Maybe they didn’t realize the mistake they had made. And yes you both had egos that stood in the way. But walking out the next day on the pavement and leaving the home without them calling you back to apologize for the wrongs of the previous day only encouraged bitterness. Yes you waited far too long for them to apologize and you keep waiting.

Denying you of the simple pleasures of life

Perhaps all you really wanted was to watch basketball games in peace. Perhaps all you really wanted us to be out with friends once in a while. But somehow commitment to your relationship simply interfered with the simple pleasures of life you enjoyed when you were single.

Finding out they cheated on you

No one wants to be cheated on. But there is always that gut feeling that arouses your suspicions. Perhaps they cheated on you, perhaps they didn’t. But it is hard not to be able to trust the one you love or knowing that some way they have not being sincere to you.

Telling you they weren’t in love with you anymore

Yes they say love is a journey and it needs to be watered for it to blossom. But then there is a point your partner can’t stand you anymore and decides to throw in the towel. It is terrible to be told by the one you once loved that you are not The One anymore. It is aching to know that you had given the relationship your best, but your efforts may not have been good enough!