4 Things That Should Define Your Relationships

Your closest friend’s goals should intimidate you. I don’t enter intimate relationships with those whose ideas and actions do not intimidate me. Perhaps that’s where most of us get it wrong. We want the best things in life yet we tolerate mediocre relationships. If those around you are not willing to be excellent, you won’t be excellent. Excellence is infectious and when you are in the midst of those who are positive and ambitious about their goals, you won’t be far away from your mark of attaining those things you desire.

According to Jim Rohn, you are an average of the five persons you hang out or intimate with. The best way to know this is to sum the net worth of your five closest friends and divide it by five. The resulting number won’t be far away from your own net worth.

One reason why people are still average and not near where they should be in life is because of how much they tolerate mediocrity. You can’t tolerate mediocrity and be successful. You can’t tolerate mediocrity from your peers or friends and expect to be excellent. You just have to ask more from yourself. You just have to expect more from yourself. This is how you strive to be better or to attain those things you desire.

Perhaps your first line of defense against mediocrity is to start pushing further in your relationship. Perhaps you have to start letting some of your friends go and accepting only those who are willing to push for success. The ideologies of your peers would certainly push you for greater success, it will certainly drive you for greater success. You have to work hard and let go of sentiments.

So ask yourself, “is this person adding to me or taking from me?” “Is this person willing to work with me or do they want to stop me?” You just can’t tolerate mediocre if you want to be successful. Because success takes a lot of effort and you can’t afford to have those persons around you who keeps altering your effort.

So here are 4 things you have to start considering about your relationships to attain success.


How do your peers view money? Do they see it as freedom or do they see it as a burden? Do they really want it? Or do they simply want to be grateful for the little they have? You have to have ambitious friends if you want to succeed. These are friends who really want to conquer and excel in life. Not people who are simply content with average.


No one says success has to be a long road of crime and pettiness, nah! Success means hard work, integrity and appreciation of where you are coming from. Perhaps you have to look at your friends and know if they want it and are willing to pay the true price for it. Many times people have been fooled by a shorter route to attain success. Sincerely, there is no shorter route, you just have to grind and hustle for those things you desire. And by the way you have to do it right!


If you want it bad enough you should know you would get it. It may take some time, it may take some will, it may take some effort, but yes you should be optimistic. One thing I share with my friends is optimism. We are positive and certain of those things that will work out for us.


You need knowledge. Your friends need it too. The way to conquer is to be more informed. If they are not informed of what they are doing, you would also be misguided too. Information is power and wealth most times. Sit around the knowledgeable who are willing to turn such knowledge to action.