She Is Not Perfect For You if She Doesn’t do These 10 Things

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An interesting personality

What do you guys talk about when you are together? Is she fun to be with or does she lack excitement? You need to have a couple of laughs together when you are in the right relationship. Of course if she is not laughing at your jokes or you are not laughing at her jokes, then you may not be attracted to her personality.

Sexual compatibility with you

How is your sex life? A great sex life could ease the tension in a relationship. Sexual compatibility is ideal in the right relationship.

Being beautiful in your eyes

Wow there is a cliché that says beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Undoubtedly you have to be physically interested in the partner of your dreams. I once got attracted to a dentist for her lovely white teeth and radiant smile. So yes a woman should be beautiful in your eyes if you want to take her seriously.

The willingness to help you grow

A woman should add value to your world. It shouldn’t always be about her. It should also be about how you can become a better person for her. The right partner is willing to help you grow and succeed at your goals.

Working things out

She should be willing to work things out. There will be difficult times in a relationship, but she is not focusing on problems but on solutions. Is she willing to work things out and walk past a problem rather than dwell on it?


She should know and be able to tolerate your flaws. Tolerance is essential if you want to get the best out of your relationship. How willing is she ready to tolerate your flaws. You surely are not perfect, but are ability to see through your weakness and find a way to be strengthened by them could determine how far your relationship would go.

 She is willing to let go

She is willing to let go of your past and focus on future actions. She doesn’t hold any resentment for your past mistakes or wrongs. Somehow she wants to help you heal rather than dwell on the past. She can let go of the past and help you find direction in building a more stable future.

She identifies with your dreams

She doesn’t condemn your dreams or long term desire. Rather she is willing to support you’re ambitions and help you excel at your current progression to attaining your goals. The right woman identifies with your dreams.