To The One Who Took My Pet, My Home and My Heart

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There are things you could take from me that simply won’t hurt this much. You could take my car, my office desk or my phone, but not my pet, my home and my heart. But there is beauty in these words, because your appearance into my world mattered. Here are some things I am certainly going to miss about you.

Your truth

You told me the truth about myself. You allowed me to see myself through your eyes. You certainly were not going to take all my bullsh*t, but you would give it to me the way it was. You were my truth, my light and my direction.

Your certainty

You were stable, secure and safe. Something I never had until you came. I was a disorganized wreck who saw the world for its mistakes and misfortunes. But you saw the world for its possibilities and assurances.

Your meals

And this was one part I was so terrible at. You were a great cook who made me want to come early. I had to be home at a certain hour or I would miss your meals.

Your body

I made love to you in a delicious way. Your body was a map of ecstasy and taking me to destination Funfaction. We made love in a special way, so much intensity, so much fire and energy.

Your way with dogs

Even Alex, my Alsatian misses you. She resents me for sending you away or letting go. I simply can’t explain how terrible a lover and partner I was, she knows. When you walked on the pavement with her and made her feel a perfect pet is something Alex will never forget. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with me as I write this. She wants to be with another owner.

Your brilliance

You were brilliant in a unique and unconventional way. You were ethereal and made me see how beauty could meet with intelligence. Yes you would respect me and say a few words, but those few words mattered. It helped my growth. It helped my attitude and helped me perceive the world in a better way.

Your love

No woman has loved me in such way, no woman has seen through my nakedness and tolerated me for that long. No woman has come to stay at my side so patiently, waiting for me to learn how to love and show it. You loved me and believed in the possibility of our togetherness.

Your kindness

Because giving meant nothing much to you. You wanted people to share in your happiness and to recognize that there is hope. You were kind and sometimes I would scorn you for it. I would rebuke you for it and you didn’t care, you would tell me life is too short for you to not give to those who deserve it.

Your departure

I miss you because at the end of the day, walking away wasn’t a fuss for you. You departed because you had to. It was like you never wanted to over stay your welcome. You simply knew it was time to go. And you had your unique way of saying good bye.

Because I would walk into the house we used to share and meet emptiness. And at first it didn’t really make sense. I thought it was one big joke. But you were not the type who pulled this kind of jokes. You were one who made relevance to every topic. I would miss you the one who took, my pet, my home and my heart.