3 Must-Do Steps to Earn Your Respect and Stop Being a Burden on Others

Nobody likes taking on unnecessary burdens. It does not matter if you are the love of their life, a childhood friend or a close relative. When you are nothing but an added responsibility, you become a plaque that people flee from. It may seem alright at first but eventually they would definitely show you that you are no longer welcome. That is in no way their fault. You have no one to blame but yourself when no one can stand your presence.

Overtime, I have heard people say, we are not all afforded the same opportunities in life and for that reason, no one should get tired of helping those in need. I personally think that’s a load of crap and this is why; life does not give all of us the same opportunities but it affords us all kinds of privileges all the time. The only difference between us is our level of observance and how prepared we are to take on such opportunities when they come.

If you are tired and I mean really tired of being tossed around by people simply because you have nothing to your name, you could start by working on these three steps. You will be treated differently in no time.

#Step 1: Plan

A world without adequate planning is complete chaos and so is a man or woman. The major reason why people become intolerable burdens is simply because they lack inadequate planning. I’m not talking about relying on a favor your friend promised you or a contract which is yet to be approved or awarded to you. I’m talking about a precise blueprint that includes only the available resources that you are sure of and the worst possible scenarios as well as the best outcomes. You will be a fool to ignore the reality staring in your face and just focus on your vision.

For your long term and short term goals, you need to plan. Until it is finished in your head and on paper, it cannot be actualized. Get the required help and experiment, learn from past mistakes and do not give up. As much as you can, do it yourself.

#Step 2: Get Really Uncomfortable

No one likes discomfort, not even me. But hey you cannot escape discomfort in life especially when you want to become less of a burden to yourself and to others.

When you begin to have certain ideas it makes you dizzy as you climb: At first they cause you discomfort and you are anxious to get down and just give up. Distrustful of your own abilities, you cannot wait to get back to your normal place of dependence but it is right there, at that spot that you need to endure the pain, stress and fear that come with your journey up the mountain.

Soon the remoteness of the turmoil of life and the inspiring influence of the altitude will calm your blood down and your step will get firmer. Only then will you begin to look for dizzier heights.
So enjoy your moments of discomfort because you will make great progress in the end.

#Step 3: Go Far Away

One of the reasons why you are a burden to others is simply because you are too close to them. They are within your reach so you don’t need to work too hard and fend for yourself. All you need to do is stretch out your hand and ask and your needs and wants will be handed down to you.

If you want to gain your respect and you want to be reckoned with as a responsible person, you need to go far away from those people you depend on. Just get up and leave! It’s going to be really hard but trust me it is for your own good.