To Those Who Are Brave Enough to Love in This Age

Gone are the days of fairy tales, I can assure you this is the real deal. It is a struggle, actually the most difficult struggle yet; the struggle to remain sane in a world of nothing but pure madness and confusion. A world of betrayal and indecisiveness where everyday produces a reason for more suspicion.

The concept of love is no longer as it was in the past years. Love which was once a long-term commitment to another with no restrictions or boundaries has become a cage full of pleasing puppets; who have forfeited their livelihood to feed the ego of the other. Faith is far from us as fear exists in every corner.

Right now our hearts are filled with doubt from a long list of unanswered questions. Is there still a place for selflessness and sacrifice in our hearts or are we all just under societal pressure to merge with someone, anyone available and reproduce by all means?

To those who are brave enough to attempt the love of another in this age and time; it is pertinent that you take heed to these words.

Find that one who pictures love the way you do

Once upon a time, the people who existed before our parents lived a life of wars and uncertainties mainly because they searched for knowledge and lands to subdue. They faced danger and death for honor and respect, and even in death they still experienced peace.

They had no advanced technology or the internet, no flashy cars or romantic dinners on the most expensive yachts but they knew how to treat a lady and earn the respect a man deserves. No proposals with diamond rings, no white weddings with the most expensive cuisines and no honeymoons but they kept and protected their families from the wildest beasts and with courage and hard work, they survived a cruel world.

You need to define what love really means to you in this time. Paint a picture so vivid and never fall short of your principles or expectations. It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks. If you have not found that person who sees love like you do, don’t venture into what you don’t believe in.

The only trust that exists is in yourself

Trust sits alongside communication as part of the foundation for a healthy, happy relationship and in many cases before now, that was the special ingredient that kept most relationships alive for years. With trust came security because they had a firm assurance that one would never be left alone.

Presently there are a lot of people out there just seeking revenge perhaps they’ve been cheated on or hurt in the past and are deathly afraid it will happen again. Others have vowed never to trust again so what do you do when you are involved with such people Make sure they know that you trust them, you love them, and that you’d never hurt them.

But most importantly, guard your heart and trust no one but yourself.

Get someone who is easy to love

Love gets hard these days. You might not know it immediately especially if you are at the receiving end, you only know it’s hard when the time comes for you to give back. The whole point of love is to reciprocate effortlessly and you can’t do that effectively except you really love the person you are with.

Love never lives on a one-way street, for it will always come back up the road bigger than how we had sent it down that road. If you must love without stress in this age, get an easy one because when it gets hard, it gets really hard.