7 Solid Ways to Get Rid of Bad Habits

No bad habit is easy to get rid of. So on your journey to breaking any bad habit, be resolute. Why? While most of our bad habits result from stress and boredom, they can be obstacles on our path to achieving our goals. It is tough fighting any bad habit, most times it is better to replace them and win the battle rather than continue to be victims or slaves of our desires. No one says it is easy but with discipline you can win. And it all starts from doing these seven things.

Understanding your triggers and cutting them out

Sometimes your environment could be a trigger. If you love watching TV you may need to get rid of the remote. If you are a smoker you may need to stop hanging out with friends who smoke or going to places that trigger your bad habits. The one resolute strategy for getting rid of bad habits is to understand your triggers and avoid them.

Having the right support group

Winning and getting rid of a bad habit could require you teaming up with the right people to excel. Find someone who is also committing to getting rid of a bad habit just like you. This way you have someone who can hold you accountable of your failures and celebrate your successes with you.” When you know you are responsible for another person’s decision to become better you would be more motivated and dedicated to getting rid of a bad habit.

Visualizing your success

You should envision yourself succeeding. While there will be moments you feel overwhelmed and frustrated, you can be resolute by seeing yourself building a new identity. Yes breaking a bad habit could mean you see yourself eating healthy, going to the gym and having a healthier body or embracing better and more profound relationships.

Rewarding and scolding yourself for your effort

You could fine yourself if you are not taking the needed action to get rid of a bad habit. One way to ditch a bad habit for good is to feel the pain of losing. Money can be a great motivator here as you can pay others if they ever catch you doing what you have decided to stop doing. Reward yourself if you are making progress and penalize yourself if you are failing at getting rid of a bad habit.

Finding a substitute for your bad habit

Sometimes you simply need to replace a bad habit by taking a substitute action for your bad habit. When you are faced with a situation that prompts your bad habit, look for an alternative action that could take your thoughts away. For example instead of smoking you can chew gum or engage in breathing exercise. Another example is replacing bad eating habits like eating out with good eating habits – bringing healthy food from home. If you constantly check on your Facebook updates and procrastinate you may need to find an alternative action instead. Have a plan for what you will do instead of your bad habit.

Use the right tools

We live in a digital age. It is a tough task winning against bad habits yet you may need support from technology to attain your goal of being resolute. It is a tough task winning against bad habits yet you may need support from technology to attain your goal of being resolute.

Go slow and don’t beat yourself up about your bad habit

Yes you have all the strategies at your fingertips. But don’t expect drastic changes in a short time. Review your progress and focus on the possibilities of you doing away with your bad habit.