4 Signs You’re an Awesome Person

Everyone wants to fit in and be accepted by others. We have a larger number of pleasers than those who stand out against all odds. Unfortunately, the mistake most people make is their inability to realize that being normal; though an ideal, is not everyone’s reality.

While most people pursue normalcy, often escaping the adventures of reality, they often forget that everyone on the cliff of normal has difficult situations they can’t deal with. So your safest bet is to be real. Reality could be beautiful and brutal at times containing every shade between black and white, but it is most importantly very magical; transforming ordinary people into fascinating individuals.

Maybe somewhere in your head, you are dangling between the decisions. You feel you are missing out on all the fun that everyone seems to be enjoying and you are ready to reduce your standards and fall in, you might want to read this and see what you are about to give up.

Awesome people are often alone

Do you sometimes feel like a walking contradiction? You are surrounded by so many people and you still feel alone. You often crave a bit of normalcy but when you have some, you realize you don’t even know what to do with it. That’s simply because you are far more than normal and the earlier you forget about what is beneath you, the faster you exploit a higher realm.

You are independent and free

Not conforming to standards in matters of thoughts and conduct does not make you abnormal, it actually makes you’re independent and guess what? That is when the true and unrestricted fun as well as freedom is experienced. Being normal is often overrated and it doesn’t even get you people who could love you unconditionally and stand by you no matter what. So what’s the fun in being normal and ordinary when you can be wild and free?

Awesome people create their lives without the world’s approval

Presently, we have a lot of people who have gotten used to living botched up lives. They are anxious when the world is anxious and often insecure because their lives are dictated to them. They are jealous and hateful and in various states of unpleasantness through the day; simply because humanity has slowly began to see it as normal. But the fact still remains that these conditions are abnormalities.
So if you have the habit of resisting handed down habits and popular opinions and you test the waters before allowing the giant waves to sweep you off your feet; it is very needful that you do not lose that ability. Stick to your sanity and protect it, that’s the only way you can make the needed progress in a confused world.

You have the highest ability to achieve greater things

If the term ‘normal’ seems shockingly repellent to you and you see neither hope nor comfort in sinking to that low level then rest assured you are heading for greater achievements.

I personally think it is ignorance that makes people think of abnormality as a condition only related to horror and violence. This is exactly the kind of thinking that keeps most people in the proximity of average and mediocre. For sure, anyone who has walked the sands of time and has been a great achiever was previously seen as abnormal.

Choose the path of the black sheep rather than that of the unicorns and puppies and let the world know that normalcy is not the recipe for greatness. Rise above the normal and experience the extraordinary; that is where you belong!