This Is Why You Need Personal Growth Daily

A management consultant W. Edwards Deming once said “Learning isn’t compulsory and neither is survival”. While some people view personal growth as something that takes place yearly, others have made it a point of duty to grow on a daily basis so it’s little wonder that in a corporate conference room during an important meeting; a cadre of foot soldiers sit round the table with laptops, briefcases and boxes of files while the president enters the room carrying very little. Why? He or she wasn’t hired to run computers, maintain schedules and manage files. They were hired for their expertise and the power of their ideas.

Your promotion depends on your level of personal growth

All over the world, the higher your position the less you do in terms of hard labor and the more critical thinking comes into play instead. Nobody cares how many hours you work, what the world is most concerned about is how productive you can be in the shortest time possible and that would depend on how much time and resource you invest in personal growth.

Organizations want people with the best ideas to be in leadership consequently, promotions generally go to the self-starters- men and women who exhibit initiative and growth. So the choice is yours, you get to determine how fast you grow at your work place and it starts with today and now. Start generating some new ideas and see how quickly you get noticed.

That’s where your job security lies

Showing aptitude for every kind of learning and being well informed is a start to your journey of personal growth. A little of every information gives you an edge over your peers; it may seem unreasonable but you will never know when it will pay. Your ability to analyze and quickly understand a situation could take you a step further and also give you the qualification to serve in a higher capacity. Talk about job security, it doesn’t get better than this.

It keeps you from losing interest

Many people think this comes from staying on one job for too long or experiencing a midlife crises but the truth is most of us lose interest in our jobs because we lose interest in growing.
Consider people, who deliver the highest level of intensity and creativity in their jobs, you will find out that these are people that are passionate and are not nearly as concerned about specifics as they are of the big picture. While those around them are bogged down in the minutiae of daily routine, growth oriented people are busy swinging the bat and trying to hit the ball out of the park. These are the people who never lose interest in their work.

That’s the key to life’s excitement

Life honestly gets boring when you do not work on your learning and expansion of knowledge. So if you want your life to be more exciting; it is quite simple. Begin to spend as much time widening your horizon and expanding your experience as you spend on the mundane and see if your excitement levels do not change for the better.

Personal growth makes you an influence

When you stop growing you stop enjoying your coworkers and associates. In most cases you have nothing tangible to say so no one cares to listen and that directly affects your level of influence. When you are the ‘go-to’ person, everyone seeks you out. They want your advice and your expertise on a myriad of issues and concerns. But once you stop growing that focus shifts to someone else.
Personal growth keeps you focused and keeps people focused on you. So how do you stay fresh, start cross pollinating. Begin to look for answers in unexpected places and choose to constantly give more time to personal growth while you watch your influence grow while others stay focused on you.