How Successful People Deal With Rejections

Rejections are a part of life. You can’t expect to chase every goal without facing any disappointment. Rejections and failures are a part of success. Brian Acton co-founder of Whatsapp was rejected by Twitter before Whatsapp was later bought by Facebook.

The thing about rejection or hearing the word “No” is about how prepared you’re to deal with such negative response, and not in the rejection in itself. If you want to reach success, be ready to hear a lot of rejections, but how you deal with it could be a guide to reaching the goals you truly desire. Here are some ways successful people have learned to deal with and rise above rejections.

They learn from rejections

You can’t take it away, there is always something to learn from every failure. Through the experience you have from any rejection you can understand what needs to be done when you meet the same situation in the future. Rather than condemn a rejection you should use it as an opportunity for growth and self-development.

They define their paths

Successful people have solid self-esteem. They know what they are worth and how valuable their skills or personalities are. They don’t let one opinion about them make them feel bad. Rather they focus on the bigger picture and define their paths. There is no point in making generalizations after a rejection. It is up to you to look inwards and know what you are bringing to table instead rather than dwell on the rejection in itself.

They push themselves to the limit

Perhaps a rejection is a signal that you could do better or become better. It is not a signal that you are done. It doesn’t mean you should head home or return to your comfort zone. Perhaps you need to adjust your approach and push yourself to the limit to reach your goals. Yes it may be a long shot, but you can try and push yourself to become better and smarter.

They don’t take themselves too seriously

Successful people don’t take themselves too seriously. They know their limitations and weaknesses. They don’t consume themselves in their failures. Rather they treat themselves compassionately and can laugh at their flaws. They can retain positivity through this and focus on the bright side of a matter.

The reality is that you would always meet with rejections if you are trying to reach a goal. But you shouldn’t beat yourself about this.

They seek strength from their environment

Yes they can seek advice or support from a trusted friend or associate after meeting with a rejection. There is no harm to ask for help or encouragement from someone who understands your journey towards your goals.

They are self-aware

There is no point trying to hide your feelings after meeting a rejection. Rejection hurts. It is better to be self-aware and acknowledge the emotions you feel. It could be sadness, disappointment or discouragement. Knowing how you feel helps you keep your emotions in check. You can deal with a rejection because you know how it has made you feel and find strength from this. Successful people can face any negative emotions head on rather than prolong the pain.

They take action

At the end of the day you won’t surge forward towards your goals if you do not take strategic and well planned action. Not only do you accept responsibility for your actions, you are willing to let go of the hurt and do what is necessary to arrive at your goals. Successful people deal with rejections by learning from their mistakes and taking the needed action to attain their goals.