When Love Is Not Good Enough to Save Us

There are things that we do not want to happen but we have to accept. There are also things we do not wait to know but we have to learn, and people we cannot live without but we had to let go. Ours is a story of broken souls and unfinished songs. A tale of bleeding kisses and poisonous embraces. We thought we would be left alone if we proved how far love could go, but it is obvious that we thought wrong.

They always said love conquers all and no matter how bad the situation is, love was always enough. I guess they never thought we could happen, if they did they wouldn’t have been so sure.

I’m caught between the devil and the deep blue sea; none seems to relent in their pursuit. The more I run they find a way to close in on me. So I accept my fate for what I trusted in the most has finally failed me.

You and I, we are filled with nothing but mistakes. We are fragile and easily broken. You may be right today and I might be wrong but no one can guarantee the same by tomorrow. We are flesh and blood, bound by our lusts and desires. Our only hope for redemption lies in how often we are forgiven. When that is taken away, we are doomed.

There were moments when no one was interested in what you have to say. No one wants to hear your own part of the story. You were condemned without judgment because no one believes anything good could come from you. I made myself deaf to their accusations and blind to their claims and even that was still not enough. I gave myself to be punished in your place but they wouldn’t let me.

All they did was wait just while I endured a bitter torment. For the first time I was not good enough to make a sacrifice.

Of what use is it to be full of second chances when I cannot spare you any to save your life. You will never know how much it hurts me to see you drown over and over again when I have all it takes to save you.

When my prayers for you stop halfway to heaven and my outstretched arm no longer reaches you, know that I still think of you. When my eyes are empty from all the tears I cry and my heart is broken beyond repairs, know that I am somewhere on bend knees praying night and day hoping for a miracle. Maybe fate decides to save you for I am now as helpless as can be.

My dreams and hopes are dashed as all I can do is sit and stare as you are dragged out of me. I am silent as parts of me are ripped out of my body and torn into pieces. I feel every pain you and my agony is worst than a thousand souls burning in hell for you trusted me and I trusted love but it turned out Love was not enough to save us.

So this is my plea and I pray you forgive me so I too can forgive myself. All I ever wanted to do was offer the best of me to the one whom I had chosen, little did I know that the choice was not mine to make. I can never forget you not now or in a million years to come and when I lay down to sleep; I will still be reminded of the fact that I had to give up on you and on me too.