I am ONLY Human

I remember looking up to a beautiful sky. The wind caressed my face and the sun smiled at me. The dew on the grasses was at my service, always providing a soothing feeling for my bare feet. The trees each took a bow while they said their salutations. I had nature itself on my side. The day was filled with promises; nothing could go wrong while I exist.

I was the pride of my home, where I come from; a first child is celebrated at all times. I am a blessing and a source of laughter to all who behold me. I am cherished and protected. I am bestowed with wisdom and the bracelet of knowledge is worn around my wrist.

When I was a child, I was my father’s favourite and my mother’s adoration. I had the largest food potions and the best part of the game so I could grow strong and healthy. While I always thought it was a favour from the gods, little did I know I was being fed for the greatest tasks ahead.

At night I would lay on the best mats, warm and comforted in mother’s bosom while father kept watch. I had sound sleep because there was nothing to fear. But I never knew that like a plant, I was only to be nurtured for a short while to a point where I can stand on my own, and then I would be left alone.

Amongst the children of my parents, I had been set apart, chosen for a course.

It wasn’t long before I began to understand my place. No one ever told me but there was always a role that stared at my face, so glaring that I did not have the ability to close my eyes from it.

I had to be strength personified; strength had to be the very bones in my body. Like a warlord I was to defend and protect.

I had to be reasonable even when there was no reason to be, I am not the one allowed to make mistakes, I had to always get it right or the entire universe as I know it would perish.

I am the pillar, the pace setter and the reflection of my family to the entire world. When the storm come heavily, it was in my place to remain calm. I meant hope even when I didn’t believe it myself.

I had to be the bravest of all; it had to become a garment I wore by day and by night.

I was the one expected to till the fields and endure hunger while I watched others eat to their fill. It was no longer about having the largest potions of food, for food was just but a craving of the stomach which when met, did nothing but seek for another way out. The real satisfaction was gotten from the smiles of gratitude on their faces.

If ever the hut was set ablaze, I was never to think of my body, for it had learned that it was only but a shield, meant to protect at all cost even to the point of death. My scars were my medals, each telling a story of what sacrifice truly is.

I am the beast of all burdens, the physical and the spiritual; I carried faithfully on my back. I am the one who provides a shoulder to those who cry but my tears were never to be seen.

I am the one who never had an opportunity to have my own problems because I was busy solving those I inherited.

I might be the hero and the warrior and it might seem like I know it all but I am only human and that is all I will ever be.