This Is For Those Who Can’t Deal With Pride

I see a man walking with his shoulders held high, his eyes run through the crowd making sure there is no one adorned as him, no one revered as he, he gets too busy pointing out the faults in others that he does not see the ditch right in front of him, so when he falls, he falls in totality, without warning and with little hope of ever rising.

We all by nature are not entitled to getting all we want, if it were so, we would all be in power and no one will be oppressed, there will be no poor nor rich and no use for the social classes. When one loses this understanding and thinks he is automatically entitled to everything he desires, that is when he begins to walk all over others to get it. But he forgets that those he is walking on will not remain on the ground forever.

If you want to live to attain your goals, there is a need to first differentiate between the healthy pride that aids your ambition and improves your confidence from that pride which consumes you and robs you of your life.

Your life is full of beautiful moments and amazing people but you will have to conquer your pride to experience them. Here is how you can;

Take off the blindfold

Pride keeps you from learning, like a blindfold, you are unaware of what surrounds you. You do not see the danger that lies ahead of you and the mistakes you ought to leave behind, so you keep struggling with old, outdated information because to you, welcoming new ideas will mean admitting that someone has more superior information.

Let’s face it, if admitting your loss will help you find your way, why not do so? With pride, all we do is deceive ourselves, no one else. If deep down, below the average conscience, we admit that that something is out of place, why not admit it openly? Mind you, you are not the first to ask for help and asking does not make others think less of you. Stay teachable regardless of how much you already know.

Learn to listen more

It is typical of proud people to talk a lot, mostly about what they have, where they have been and who they know, as far as they can see, there is no one with a more interesting story. What they don’t know is that while they were being so pompous, they were also putting others off and creating a barrier. Someone might think “if you are that connected, then you don’t need any help’’

If you really want to work on your pride, you have to learn that other people are as important as you are and they also have their own experiences which are worth hearing.

You don’t always have to be in the spot light to be recognized

Being humble actually saves you a lot of embarrassment because you know when you are celebrated and you can also celebrate other people without being envious of their success or feeling less about your own accomplishments.

If you want to be able to overcome pride, you must accept the fact that there are people who will achieve more than you and that shouldn’t make you insecure. It’s with that understanding that you will be able to invest in others and nurture them as they grow without the fear of being left out.

You must not be the leader all the time. Employ team work and learn to share the credit. When you diligently carry out your duties whether in the open or secretly, you will be appreciated.

Don’t die in silence, let go of your pride.