This is To The One Who Stayed

We all have that special one who stayed. Who amongst the many believed in us and held on. We live in a selfish world where no one wants to take or accept responsibility for the other. It is hard to undermine our selfish instincts by the way. But there is always a time when we want to compromise our standards and stay for someone.

While it is hard for anyone to believe in us more than we believe in ourselves it is something that brings out the human angle in us. We want to accept another person’s frivolity and still be tolerant of their weaknesses. Perhaps that is what love is truly about – being willing to give regardless of challenges and limitations.

We are ready to fight in a way that is discerning. We are less afraid of the risks and the situation. We just want to be there for the other person in a way no one else would.

This is to the one who stayed

This is to the one who through self-discipline and selflessness stood by us and stuck us. Who didn’t see us for our weaknesses but worked hard to be better for us. Who listened when the world seemed deaf. Who cared when the world became careless.

This is to the blessings they poured on us when there were tribulations and fears. They didn’t walk away but stood strong to watch us survive and see us win. We may not have many pillars but we have you.

This is to the one who tried

They may not have been the best bet. We may not have cared that much or giving them our best. We may have resented them for what effort they made. We may have taken them to be fallible. We may have chased them away because we felt they tried too hard. We may have wondered why they were so willing to stay with us.

This is for the one who gave us hope

We may have thought that they were not worth it at first. But in between through their determination, they made us understand that some things are just worth fighting for. We gain strength through them and become a whole new person. We see that the world can give us more if only we were positive and kinder.

This is for the one who made us strong

This is for those who made us survivors and made us have reasons to fight and live. This is for those who instilled patience and fire in us. They made us persevere and more courageous. Because amidst the darkness there was reason to find some light.  There was reason to build something new. There was reason to become ourselves.

This is for the song they sang to us

We may not have been willing to dance at first, but they sang and the melody was beautiful that we slowly felt the rhythm. They made us find ourselves in the music they gave to us. They made us swim in the waters they poured in for us.

This is for the life they instilled in us

We may have lost our soul. We may have thought there were no joys and thrills. But somehow they stood to give us life and to help us heal and to help us thrive. And yes to help us succeed and to excel. They helped and made us find ourselves.

There is always a reason or many reasons to stop believing. There is always something that made us want to end what we started. There is always something that made us want to choose the other side. But yes someone stayed and made us feel appreciated. They made us feel loved and made us want to always be alive!