4 Things to Do When It Seems the Odds are Working Against You

Life, they say is a bumpy ride. You have to always be strapped to your chair or you just might fall off. Life could be so much fun this minute and the next minute, you just want to give up. The reality is we’ve all got one shot at life so no matter how unbearable it gets, we just have to keep living.

You can’t just quit on yourself because right now there seem to be nothing good working for you. Life is so unpredictable; you will never know what the next day brings.

I hope this helps you stay happy even when it feels like you have no reason to live.

Close your eyes and breathe

I know you must have heard about this and probably thought “How lame, I don’t have time for this” but you have no idea how much this gets rid of the negative energy that has accumulated inside you. It’s not just about closing your eyes and breathing, it also means clearing your mind of every thought. Don’t think of anything, good, bad or ugly, just don’t think.

Keep your eyes closed for just a few minutes, when you open them, you would be more calm to think better, analyze better and definitely come out with a better solution.

Accept your situation

Most times when certain challenges hit us hard, we wish it had happened to someone else. When we don’t think we are capable of living through a certain challenge, we take solace in living in denial. The truth is living in denial doesn’t stop you from being aware of the problem. No matter how drunk you get at night, you will wake up to the same problem waiting for you in the morning.

You may pretend to be fine to the people around you, but one person you can’t keep lying to is yourself.

Saying I wish this didn’t happen won’t reverse it. So why don’t you accept it. By accept it I mean stop running from it, stop, turn around and face it, and while you are making that turn, have an attitude that belittles the problem. You will be surprised at how easily you will solve it.

Reflect on your achievements

Let’s assume you just lost your job. The first thought that rushes into your mind is how to survive, pay bills and take care if all your responsibilities. You can’t stop those thoughts from coming, but you can learn to pay them less attention. You control your mind; you can open the door to a positive thought and close the door to the negative thought.

So from now hence forth, when you lose something, think about those things that you still have. Concentrate on what you are thankful for.

I am not saying you should dwell in the past but sometimes we all need to go down memory lane to remind ourselves that life is beautiful and even when it sucks, it’s always worth a try.

Take responsibility and take corrections

In life, not everything that happens is a coincidence, most times when things go wrong, they don’t happen suddenly. We get the warning signs but choose to ignore them as a result of our carelessness, laziness or just negligence.

Though we always have unforeseen circumstances, life is always easier when we are proactive, careful and have the right mind set.

Life’s rules are  pretty simple if you ask me. Eat healthy. Don’t drink and drive if you don’t want to have an accident. Work hard if you want to be successful, laugh more, dream big, pursue your passion, Love more, be content and keep only the best company.

Above all, remember that there are better days ahead to stay alive!