7 Reasons Why Traveling Makes So Much Sense

Beyond the little village I used to live and the few persons I used to converse with, traveling has opened my eyes to the reality of the world. Yes, traveling can be an expensive hobby, but trust me it is worth it. I bet a lot has changed about me since I started visiting different places. And my perspective of the world has become broader and richer.

Here are 7 reasons why traveling has made so much sense for me.

I am humbled to know the world is not just about me

Growing up must have had me exuding an air of arrogance, but traveling has made me humble. From saving the money for my travel to booking online for a hotel, I adjusted my perspective to seeing that the world is one big place that revolves around so many people and activities. While you must have thought that you are a big fish in an ocean, traveling makes you realize that you are only a speck in a bubble.

I have found new friends

People love visitors and want to be around someone who is willing to share and learn. Traveling has made me find new friends who are willing to help me settle in a new environment. These friends have proved supportive and understanding so much that I want to see them again. You have some memorable moments you can look back at of the moments these friends stuck by you and made you feel at home.

I have become a risk-taker

Yes there is an adventure awaiting you when you travel. Leaving my home and seeing different places has brought out the discomfort in me. Now I take more risks and find more pleasure to challenge myself to become better at what I do. Traveling simply made me find a different picture to life and tap into such.

I have learned more

Perhaps all that history wouldn’t have counted as much as the experience I am currently having. Yes the essence of reading stories and fantasizing can be more scintillating when you experience this firsthand. Traveling makes history active rather than passive. Through these experiences you can have lasting memories that will linger for a lifetime.

Life may be short but it can be lived

Yes we know life is short and nothing is guaranteed. However with traveling comes responsibility and self-awareness. You see the world from a multi-dimensional perspective and look forward to the many possibilities that await you. Traveling gives you the opportunity to stop and pause. You can look around you and discover and find out what it means to truly be in the present.

I have become thankful

Appreciation comes when you see the fullness and roundness of the world. While you travel there will be sights that amaze and awe you. You see the world as a gorgeous planet waiting to be explored. How grateful you are can be magnified when you start traveling because in the end this is one experience that offers you no regrets.

Traveling offers you empathy

You see human suffering and learn that it is not all green in the planet. You find a part of you that empathizes with the suffering of others. You see the world from a holistic view and do not want to take the opportunities you have for granted. Rather you are looking for ways to lend a helping hand. The truth is that you find a whole new meaning when you travel to a place where people are suffering and you begin to have a personal connection with those who you are with.

There are so many benefits of traveling but these are just seven of them.